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    Minions! I will be hosting 1-2 (depending on time) dungeon crawls weekly.

    What I need from all of you: What time/days work best for you. What dungeons you'd like to tackle. Mostly, I need everyone to /join #TDL on IRC. IRC is the best way for us to organize. Even if people are not online with a TDL character, they can be in a moment's notice if you give us a shout in IRC.

    The loot will be divided up evenly in the end, and a portion will go toward the guild treasury (Fear not, the percentage will be rather small.) Addons will not be cheap and everyone needs to do their part to keep this guild as great as it can be! If the guild town is to grow and get interesting addons, I cannot front all of the resources and cash. Any help is really appreciated.

    Also, if TDL leadership isn't online, you're welcome to set up a pick-up crawl. Make this guild your own folks! Run with it! Nothing says we have to organize every little event. Getting involved and organizing things yourself is also a great way to earn promotions.

    Crawl Schedule - Saturdays at 10:30 AM PST (This is subject to change depending on availability)

    Forrr the Guarrrdiannn....

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