Easter / St. Patricks 2024 worldwide event - March 15th - April 5th

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    The yearly Easter/St.Patricks Event will take place from March 15th - April 5th

    During this time, players will encounter all manner of Easter/St.Patricks themed creatures. They can be found in the outerworld, T2A, Dungeons, and even at NPC camps! Some monsters you might encounter during this event are:

    a leprechaun ___ a leprechaun archer ___ an infected leprechaun ___ a leprechaun jockey ___ lucky charms
    a banshee ___ an clover golem ___ an easter bunny & Fluffy IX ___ an easter serpent ___ a cave spider

    Some of these monsters can also drop green 2023 easter eggs. Eggs that you collect may be turned in at Easter Reward Vendors found in towns. Walk up to the Easter vendor and say "vendor redeem" to obtain points for your eggs. Should you manage to find a rare golden egg, they are worth 3 points. Note: Only eggs in your base backpack will be collected.

    Rewards Store may or may not be updated. Old Eggs that were usable last year may be usable this year, unless there is a patch.


    Leprechaun Caves
    On your adventures you may encounter a red sparkle after vanquishing an event monster. These red sparkles are 1 minute portals to the perilous Leprechaun Caves! Upon entering one of these caves a 25 timer will start. As you fight through these caves the clocks will update your progress. Once enough monsters have been slain, the progress will reach 100% and the final section of the cave will unlock. However, be aware that other players may enter these caves before they reach 100%.


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