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Discussion in 'Player Run Events' started by Kronankronterog, Mar 13, 2023.

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    Hello everyone , ive always wanted to make a tournament for chekkers , backgammon and chess. maybe even find a way to do poker somehow.
    Also for those who have played the game with dice called HIGH LOW , add that to the event just for those people who like to gamble.
    If you have any ideas of more games please comment.
    Players who are interested also PM me on Discord. or comment below leaving your discord this way i can contact you.
    The basic idea is you inscibe into tourney , theyd be levels to advance into the finals... just like in soccer , 8tavos , 4tos de final and semi final and final.
    Prizes im either thinking gold if players do accept to inscribe paying a fee to play in the tourney.
    Or donations the players themselves.
    Just a starting point. let me know what you think.
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