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    you have always avoided this stretch of road...
    "better stay low and cut through the woods" you'd mutter to yourself.
    "aye, it's night time, they won't be able to see past the tree line... not with that fire" you'd answer yourself.
    as if there'd be somebody foolish enough to join you in that route.
    "shit shit shit, I can hear them."
    :: stopping dead in your tracks and crouching low, holding your breath, ears at full attention ::
    "no, it's just the sound coming back off the mountains... nobody there"
    hands cold, back sweaty, you press on.

    welcome to the Brigand Encampment!

    :: hand raises up to ask what the camp is all about ::

    we are a group for roleplayers wanting to live the life of a roadway robber.

    though we rob and murder, we are neutrally aligned and do not wish to see the world burn like undead or evil aligned guilds.
    brigands by means of social status, income bracket, family heritage, criminal record or other...
    are individuals who are not happy with the mainstream's take on what civilization should be.
    they would rather live as outcasts and criminals than play by the rules.
    brigands are fighters both by circumstance and tradition.
    while some may know a rudimentary spell or two [nothing the average farmer couldn't do] they are not wizards and do not utilize magic in combat.

    :: someone enthusiastically bellows "sounds like another flock of murderers to me!" ::

    aye, fair enough!
    if you happen to cross our path, there is a good chance your satchel may be a touch lighter or your hand a finger or two shorter for it.
    we do try to bring some banter and interactive-ness to the experience though!
    our goal is not to run as an unstoppable death squad putting arrows and daggers into the chest of anyone in our path.
    being roleplayers first, we try to play into the situation that is going on.
    you are hunting... we happen upon you and demand some money... you pay and we move along OR you ignore us and we attack you.
    you are walking to your grandmothers funeral and pass by a few of us at an intersection... we may just kiss you on the cheek and eat some of your donuts...
    OR if you just start running we may put a few arrows in your back and set fire to your corpse OR we might just be lazy and drunk to do anything at all.
    I will touch on this more below.

    :: a rosey cheeked woman shyly asks "I sometimes roleplay........... how can.... umm.... what should I do?" ::

    hey lady! thanks for speaking up! cute boots by the way...
    we try to interact with everybody we cross paths with.
    sometimes this is not possible because people run at the sight of another player.
    or they aren't interested in roleplay and will just ignore your efforts.
    sometimes we are just not in the mood to get into the usual conversation...
    this is when KoSing [kill on sight] can happen.
    this is where you should read the next bit very carefully!

    if you are an obvious roleplayer [wearing your guilds tag and acting accordingly] we will always verbally interact with you before attacking.
    speech will always be a precursor for us and if we ARE going to attack you we will make our intentions clear before doing so.
    if you are AFK we will treat you as you are not logged in and leave you be.
    if you come to the camp unannounced and there are brigands present then you will probably get *glared* at and asked what your purpose is.
    that is your cue to speak up or move along.
    if you don't have a wish to either fight or roleplay with us, then coming to the camp is a stupid thing to do.

    :: a little girl riding on her fathers shoulders screams "COOL! I WANNA JOIN!"... her dad quickly pointing his finger in her face telling her to hush ::

    cute! can you even hold a sword?

    we are always looking for new talent!
    provided you are a weapons user and do not practice magic.
    no, not even for buffing or healing.
    as powerful and useful as magery is...
    it is simply too out of place for a brigand to use it.
    now if you have magery on your template for recalling and/or gating...
    that is fine, provided you do not use other spells in fights.
    taming is acceptable on a brigand but you won't be able to use things other than lava lizards/bears/scorpions [not the definitive list, but you get it].
    for the obvious reason that this overpowers templates and is not accurate with the group we are portraying.
    stealing is another welcomed skill as it's a great way to provoke a fight and very fitting for the overall theme of the guild.
    proficiency with weapons is the most important aspect of your template and an absolute must.
    as long as you can fight, your template can be oddball and off-kilter as much as you desire.
    as an example: macing, tactics, anatomy, healing, stealing, musicianship, spirit speak.
    there will be a little bit of a trial basis of course to make sure that you are a good fit with the other members and mission of the group.

    see you out there!
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    Bump for recruitment! Inquire with a PM to mah beutimous self, HoneyBooBoo, ya'll!

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