Happy Halloween UO Renaissance! 10-9 to 10-31

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    Night of Horrors 2021 Challenge Event

    Event Schedule

    - Monday October 25th - 2pm (est)
    - Tuesday October 26th - 9pm (est)
    - Wednesday October 27th - 2pm (est)
    - Thursday October 28st - 11pm (est)
    - Friday October 29nd - 8pm (est)
    - Saturday October 30th - 2am (est)
    - Saturday October 30th- 11am (est)
    - Saturday October 30th- 5pm (est)
    - Saturday October 30th- 10pm (est)
    - Sunday October 31st - 2pm (est) (Special Hard Mode Edition)

    Make sure to use !nextevent in discord to obtain information on the next event relative to your personal timezone (Thanks Quick)

    Note: 18-22 Runs of the event are expected! With a special hard mode version to be run as the final event. We will also be scheduling additional runs on Saturday and Sundays this year to account for a more hectic IRL work schedule. Keep in mind events can be canceled and rescheduled due for unforeseen IRL work situations. /indent]

    You awake to find that nightmare has become reality!
    Britain has been taken over by the undead!
    No spellbook, no weapons, no supplies with danger all around.
    Do you grab a weapon and try to fight your way out?
    Search for resources and craft supplies for your fellow adventurers?
    Scrounge for magical supplies and summon help from the ether?
    Untold rewards await anyone who can make it out alive!

    Who knows what horrors await outside the safety of the Inn?

    Scavenge for supplies, search for other survivors, find hidden caches of supplies and discover secret areas on your way to escaping the nightmare.

    Event Details
    • Type : Challenge Event
      • Auto Resurrection
      • Contained Event Arena
      • 6 Award Categories per Event
      • 9 Bosses
      • 9 Mini Bosses
      • 12 Support creatures
      • No Items Drop on Death
      • All Possessions are moved to the bank once the event starts.
    • Duration : 60-90 Minutes
    • Runs: 10/10/21 to 11/01/21 (Subject to change)

    How it Works
    • A detailed event schedule will be posted, this event will run 18-22 times depending on staff availability.
    • You will have 15 minutes to sign up for the event.
    • Once signed up, all of your possessions will be moved to the bank. You cannot join the event while holding items.
    • Once the event starts you are transported into the event area.
    • Gather supplies, and find a way to escape or defeat the undead.
    • Score points for defeating the undead hoards and earn unique rewards.
    • Manage to complete the event before the time is up for greater rewards.
    • Players who participate in the event will find a gift bag awarded to them at the completion of the event.

    Event Guide by Gideon Jura

    Event Pictures
    1.jpg 2.jpg
    3.jpg 4.jpg
    5.jpg 6.jpg
    7.jpg 8.jpg

    Halloween Rewards
    • Players will earn Holiday Coins during the event that can be used to purchase items from the Holiday Vendor.
    • Progressing through the Challenge Event and defeating the event bosses will provide you with additional coins.
    • The player that scores the most points during the event will receive additional coins and an event statue.
    • Players will be able to purchase items from the Halloween Reward Vendor until 10/01/2018.
    • Jack-0-Lantern Deed (House Addon)
    • Random Necro Reagent (Grave Dust, Eye of Newt, Brimstone, Bloodspawn, Dragons Blood, Batwing, Daemon Bone, Pig Iron, Pumice)
    • Trick or Treat Bucket (Container)
    • Vampire Statuette
    • Grave Necromancer Statuette
    • Undead Dragon Statuette
    • Goblin Statuette
    • Frankenstein Statuette
    • Royal Mummy Statuette
    • Platinum Coins
    • And More to be announced before the event!

    Halloween 2021 - Holiday Rewards
    These items can be purchased from the holiday vendor found in the event lobby and in various banks.

    Event Scoring
    • During each round of the event players will be scored on a variety of metrics.
    • Normal Monster Damage (Support)
    • Mini Boss Damage (x 2 Score Multiplier)
    • Boss Damage (x 5 Score Multiplier)
    • Damage Healed
    • Best Crafter
    • Player Deaths
    Note: Test image does not reflect the score multipliers

    Once the event completes the players leading in the following categories will be awarded a special statue to commemorate their accomplishment
    • Total Damage
    • Support Damage
    • Mini Boss Damage
    • Boss Damage
    • Best Healer
    • Best Crafter

    Holiday coins are earned by defeating the various monsters during the event and will be given directly to the player. Depending on your accomplishments (by score) during the event every player will earn bonus platinum once the event completes.​
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