Last post ever. Promise.

Discussion in 'Renaissance Discussion' started by treehugger12, May 4, 2021.

  1. treehugger12

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    May 4, 2021
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    Had to make a new account since the owner here throttled my original @TreeHugger account and it would take an hour to even log in.

    Haven’t played in a year, don’t want to play any longer. Hope the 5 people at Occlo bank enjoyed my stuff. I don’t think I have any houses left but if I did, enjoy them too as they won’t be on refresh mode like 85% of all housing here.

    Poor management, foolish amounts of pride and a sensational inability to finish or hell, even update anything is the reason so many of us left.
    hope the rest of you find what you’re looking for here.
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  2. a space mongbat

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    Jan 31, 2021
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    I'm sorry I lost you in Sosaria, friend. All the best!

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