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    Sep 6, 2021
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    As a young player you cannot be attacked by other players nor you can attack anyone, so it is not possible to train melee skills sparring with your other character. There is a nice way to train melee while still young - with air elemental, orc mage, or other not so tough casting mob. One character keeps stabbing the mob with dagger (clubbing with wand, cutting with knife, slashing with hatchet) and has macro for healing self. The other character just stands next and has macro for healing the first one. The good thing is that you never kill the mob, as he keeps healing self with spell. One character trains melee (mine fencing), tactics, healing, anatomy, and resist spells. And the second one trains healing and anatomy. Only both characters need enough bandages and some healing to start with.
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    Nice tips! When I first started out, I just headed over to the orc fort and made gold and platinum. By the time I had finished training, I had a nice some of gold saved in the bank to put towards a house.

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