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    - Work In Progress Patch Notes -

    Ancient MIB (Message in a Bottle) System
    - Found and resolved a problem where a player successfully completed/ironmaned an instance but in a previous run failed either to complete or ironman the instance. The group data would allow the current failure to override the past success. Resulting in losing the progress in that completion cycle. This fix will correct that going forward but the staff will have to assist should anyone experience the problem before the patch.​

    Global Scoreboards
    - Fixed a problem where the Ancient MIB scoreboards were only allowing you to sort by name in descending order and the ascending order was just returning to the default list. ​

    Shard Support / Copper Menu
    - Resolved a problem where the menu was not properly reading your 7th character slot status. ​

    Young Players
    - Should a player find their way into the event lobby still wearing a young tag they will be exited to Ocllo automatically via the leave gates regardless of which gate they choose.
    - Removed the consideration of the event lobby as a young accessible location from some of the underlying validity checks.​
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    So all of those cosmetic changes are nice, but when can we repair our archery equipment (bows, crossbows and heavy crossbows)?
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    Likely never without Powder of fort.

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