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    Ahoy landlubbers. Me n me hearties came up with a great idea for a race, maybe the rum had the idea. Whoever it was it sounded great at the time!!! How about a naked dungeon race through the mobs of creatures in random dungeons!!! Ye don't need anything for this race besides some courage. A few potions will be handed out to ye, 2 heal and 5 refresh. They will be yer only defense through the dungeons.

    Yer goal is to follow along the path laid out, make it to the end point, and make it back out. There will be a few pieces of clothing along the path and a few cloaks at the end point. Points will be awarded per piece of clothing you collect, points for making it to the end and a bonus for making it back out. All points gained will go toward the ending score after all dungeons have been completed. One dungeon per week till the list is finished. If ye can make it to the end and back out in more than 1 race and you qualify for a prize, then ye can earn an extra prize at the end.

    Race will run every Friday at 10:30 est until the dungeon list is complete (unless notified of a bye week). Prize bags will be picked in order from highest points to lowest. The top 5 players (maybe more) will get the opportunity to choose.

    Clothing items will be newbie so if/when you die you can finish the race as a ghost and get a rez to turn in clothing for points.
    Clothing items are worth 5 points each
    The cloak 15 points
    If you manage to make it all the way back out of the dungeon with the cloak and alive, you will be awarded an additional 15 points. Points will add up for the grand total and prize distribution order.

    Players will have a gate provided to a house. You will need to bank all your items, die and go inside the house and get a rez. Wait in the gathering area till the event starts. The dungeon being used will not be announced in advance. A gate will be provided from the house to the dungeon entrance for the race to begin.

    Anyone caught cheating will immediately be disqualified from the entire event. Ghost pirates will be following along the race to view and make sure everything stays legit. The only things you are allowed to use are the potions given to you and your skills.
    NO newbied items will be allowed!!!
    NO hiding/stealth MUST STAY VISIBLE!
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