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    The Renaissance Begins​

    June 1st 2012​

    In 2012 the decision was made by a group of friends that there was a need for a true Ultima Online Renaissance era shard that was free from the influences of trammel and infused with the thrilling challenge that was Felucca and the T2A era.

    Over the next few months we plan to review every aspect of the Renaissance period and incorporate all the fantastic additions into the Felucca facet. Some great things were added during this time, but some terrible mistakes were made also. We aim to recreate this period as it should have been, but by staying true to the Second Age mechanics we all loved.

    One example would be the inclusion of Renaissance era houses such as 2 Story Villa's or Small Stone Towers, but converting those houses to function as if they were added to the Second Age era. Where house security was important and you had to be diligent about the protection of your house and your possessions. However you would be free to store as many items in your house as you should desire without worrying about those items decaying. To learn more about how houses will work on Renaissance check out our housing guide in the forums.

    We are also exploring creating additional "improved" versions of the classic houses such as towers, keeps and castles that would be purchasable as an alternative to the existing standard designs. Check out our initial design of a keep with a functional courtyard rather than the flawed design that we have been stuck with for 14 years. Players would be free to choose whichever design they preferred.

    More details to come as we continue to build a vibrant world for you to enjoy.
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    very, very nice

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