Wardens Of The Wood [WW]

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Phill Anselmo, Apr 4, 2022.

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    New guild concentrating on skill gains no current plans on any pvp yet. For those relearning the game or new players welcome inwont discriminate. Phill Anselmo Former leader of Knights of Honor [KoH] and Vigilanties of Valor [VoV] on Lake Superior with 50+ membete. One the first huge anti pk guilds created in the first days/years of UO I am no spring chicken that just hatched give me time. Seeking to build a bond with new members and maybe even connect with old ones who have the capacity to remember me if we crossed paths before. Phil Anselmo, Artemis, Octavius, Jenna, my GM crafter Bruno Oremaster and dragon are the names I used to use. Would be great to find some my old members in the process. HIT me up on discord "Phill Anselmo" or in here.
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    welcome to UOR!

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