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May 14, 2012
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Renaissance Staff

Renaissance Staff
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Mar 23, 2018 at 9:58 AM
    1. Megan Longley
      Megan Longley
      hi chris, im trying to see about what i need to do to get 3 new accounts & access from 6. family playing & living in the same house. i was told you can help me
    2. MertCan
      Hello Chris,

      I was playing for a while moreorless 4-5 months ago. And then as of today, I tried to play again and first my ID and pass did not match. Then when I tried to join the forum, I figured out that my mail was not active in the system anymore. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to bring my char back. I was using the same mail as it is right now.
      Ydiss is the name
    3. Jasonbower798
      whats up chris how can we look up my old account info here?
    4. Anarchy
    5. Cherie
      ive sent you a private message about irc.please take a look
    6. bart simpson
      bart simpson
      Keep up the good work!
      1. Puck likes this.
    7. hey
      hey chris, i pmed you about having multiple people playing on one ip?
    8. MacNobody
      Hi, I was advised to get in touch with you about recovering an account I made yesterday but must have goofed up the password. Account name is jgladwell
    9. ToX
      Nice new avatar
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    10. Russ4ua
      Hello, having trouble creating third account. Saw forum post, PMd. No rush, ty.
    11. Grofus
      Hi, I was told you could possibly help my situation. Myself and both sons recently made one account each here to check it out. We have three computers in my office and all share the same IP address through Charter. Is there a way to allow us to each have 3 here so we can have more than one acct each?
    12. Auto McGee
      Auto McGee
      Hey Chris, I posted on the forum about having trouble creating a 3rd account and was told to send you a PM. I have 2 accounts already and my girlfriend has 1 so I'm assuming that's the issue. Can this be worked around? Thanks
    13. frank250670
      hye chris iam ind jail can you plz help me out off there
      1. Pill likes this.
    14. Kidney
      Hey Chris, was wanting some help with getting my sister and me both to have 3 accounts. Thank you very much :)
    15. Fred
      Hey Chris, is there anyway to lookup an account name by ip? I havent played in a year or so and cant remember one of my account names, I am an idiot and didnt register them back then. I do know the password and 1 of the char names on the account if that helps. thanks
    16. Sturm
      Hey buddy is it possible to get a guild page on your forum for The City Of Nujel'm? [>N <]
    17. jaydee
      chris, chris...hmm, im gonna take a stab here...telamon ?
      baja, Billion (me), baja's 7th felucca castle (before tram) you helped me with, baja housing guild before tram...etc.
      do i have the right guy ?
    18. von Stuben
      von Stuben
      I think what you're doing here is great. I've had so much fun here in the last two weeks... it's been hilarious. Keep it up.
    19. Khan Kristopher
      Khan Kristopher
      Hi having trouble with 2 of my characters Both are named Khan Kristopher for some reason there skill scrolls are not working Both scrolls open but the 4 skill groups do not appear Also the player screen the one in which the characters moves and fights monsters has shrunken to half its size logging out has not fixed either problem Also my other 3 characters are not effected by these problems only the 2 mentioned
    20. ArkNemesis
      Hi Telamon, i'm new, i lost my first account and need to get it back, the other 2 accounts name are Ark40000 and Vega40000, i hope you can help me! Thank you!
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