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Jul 7, 2019
May 14, 2012
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Renaissance Staff

Renaissance Staff
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Jul 7, 2019
    1. Grakk
      Hello Chris,
      We are a family of 5, my husband 3 sons and myself. We are old school UO players and now want to introduce the boys to the game. We were able to make an account for only 2 of us, would you be able to permit 5 players for our IP?
      Thank you
    2. Buffed4chicks
      Hey Chris, am searching for some account help; i must have put in my intended password incorrectly when initially making the account.
    3. Allen
      Hi Chris, I am having trouble making a third account. I might have made another account when first getting started. The two current accounts I am using are Allenpax and Marthapax. Can you check to see if there is a third account linked to my IP address? If so I would like to delete it. In the forum I saw someone with a similar issue directed to message you so that is why I started with you.

    4. Sayer
      I have been playing for a few weeks now and my random disconnects haven't stopped. I tried just about everything in the guides posted on the forum and a few other things not mentioned (new router, ditching wifi) and nothing seems to be helping. I'm on a large university's internet and was wondering if some kind of exception needs to be made for my IP? Any help would be appreciated; thanks!
    5. Conkrull
      Looking to regain my old accounts. Cant remember what my username or passwords were but i remember my character names and Im pretty sure i registered my account.
    6. Sir Rick
      Sir Rick
      i mean account name Rick2
    7. Sir Rick
      Sir Rick
    8. Sir Rick
      Sir Rick
      I made 3 accounts but I cant remember the username and password, and I want start all over on other 2 accounts please delete them. please don't remove the one username called Rick. thanks
    9. Zirokden
      Hi. Im a experienced developer, and i do work as a senior dev. My main language is C#. I have experience on RUNUO, and already had experience making some stuff for a friendly server.

      So i was thinking... why i am not helping UOR somehow ? I got some time to spare and im pretty sure i could improve some 'non affecting gameplay' stuff at start.

      How could it be possible for me, to help UOR somehow ?
    10. Cronos
      I put my real name into my handle. Is there any way to change from Michael S Durst to Cronos? Or do I need to delete this and start a new profile?
    11. Megan Longley
      Megan Longley
      hi chris, im trying to see about what i need to do to get 3 new accounts & access from 6. family playing & living in the same house. i was told you can help me
    12. MertCan
      Hello Chris,

      I was playing for a while moreorless 4-5 months ago. And then as of today, I tried to play again and first my ID and pass did not match. Then when I tried to join the forum, I figured out that my mail was not active in the system anymore. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to bring my char back. I was using the same mail as it is right now.
      Ydiss is the name
    13. Jasonbower798
      whats up chris how can we look up my old account info here?
    14. Anarchy
    15. Cherie
      ive sent you a private message about irc.please take a look
    16. bart simpson
      bart simpson
      Keep up the good work!
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    17. hey
      hey chris, i pmed you about having multiple people playing on one ip?
    18. MacNobody
      Hi, I was advised to get in touch with you about recovering an account I made yesterday but must have goofed up the password. Account name is jgladwell
    19. ToX
      Nice new avatar
      1. Zyler likes this.
    20. Russ4ua
      Hello, having trouble creating third account. Saw forum post, PMd. No rush, ty.
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