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    1. J Snow H Kid M Visionary
      J Snow H Kid M Visionary
      Hi, Im looking for a guild to join a couple of my characters too. Bloodlust told me to talk to you to see when we can meet. Well have a good day and im sure we will talk soon.
    2. Joseph Rubin
      Joseph Rubin
      yoyo, my brother and I would like to join your guild. Im in the #PS irc rn if youre on
    3. Totoro
      Hi there, Anthony here from Sydney Australia, been playing UOR for the last 3-4 weeks, really enjoying it. I've been hanging around PS IRC room for a while and kept hassling others for noob questions, people are really helpful and friendly. Now my main character Totoro is about to start her adventurous journey outside Occlo, I wish PS could have this young swordsman joining the ranks and have fun together.
      1. Lord Krake
        Lord Krake
        Hey there Totoro! The best thing that you can do, right now, if possible, is to join in our massive quest tonight! 7pm central time, USA. If not, thats fine. I will contact you when I get the chance and we can work something out for getting you into PS. Thanks for reaching out.
        Apr 30, 2016
    4. Magnhild
      Check out the new post i put up in Player Events i hopes its to your likings i wanted to put pictures up for the maps but for some reason every time i saved an image it would brake it into alot of b.s lol but thanks again for the help
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    Project Sanctuary is recruiting! We help out new players. We can help you with advice, hunting, and are a very friendly community!. /join #PS on IRC.