Mar 27, 2016
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    1. Cerofate
      Hey Urinal, I cant connect to IRC for some reason, you online right now?
    2. Cerofate
      Hi Urinal, I see that I've won the silver war hammer auction, I won't be on for a day or so. If this doesn't work for you, I understand if you put it back on the market.
      1. UrinalCake
        You’re good, I’m cst time zone if you don’t mind pinging me some evening. I usually keep irc up.
        Oct 30, 2018
    3. Jim Harbaugh
      Jim Harbaugh
      I get back into town from my work trip tomorrow. I'll hit you up to pick up the chest. Thank you.
      1. UrinalCake likes this.
    4. Gavyn Lughna
      Gavyn Lughna
      Hey, I can't seem to get your attention on IRC for that 15+ Silver Axe, so I'm going to hit you up here. I'm online for a few hours and ready to make that trade.
      1. UrinalCake
        Yeah I leave it up even when I’m at work, I’ve tried to get you as well with no success. I can put it on my yew vendor if you’d like? I’ll discount it since we couldn’t link up.
        Oct 10, 2018
      2. Gavyn Lughna
        Gavyn Lughna
        Yea, I'm good with that plan, just let me know on here when you have it on the vendor so I can swoop in for it quick.
        Oct 10, 2018
    5. Ervin
      Im in IRC under Bloodstone when you want to pick up your freshly pressed vesper pants.
    6. David Scraggs
      David Scraggs
      Are you still in on the auction for the yellow 4th year robe? I have you as high bidder right now at 600k. Some people are bidding less. If you're out that's fine just trying to clarify.
    7. Mad Hatcher
      Mad Hatcher
      hi urinal,im on this morning if y9u want me to pick up maps
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