A call to arms.

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    A call to arms!

    Dear citizens of Sosaria, let me tell you about the troubled times we live in.

    Its times of uncertainty for the individual,

    times where towns are filled with thieves and the agents of Chaos;
    times where the evil forces of Minax and Shadow Lords challenge the ideas of everything good and noble;
    times where murderous groups run rampant in the dungeons and across the overworld.

    In times like these, it is neccessary for a group to stand up for the individual.

    Stormhold hereby announces a call to arms, and will open its gates to everyone willing to fight, learn or improve their skills.

    "S" (citizens of Stormhold) will open its gates for citizens that are looking for a new home. Roleplayers, PvM Playstyles and Crafters welcome.
    =S= (Legion of Stormhold) will open recruitment for everyone that wishes to participate in factional warfare and casual pvp.
    -S- (Knights of Stormhold) will open recruitment for everyone that wishes to engage in Anti PK / Thief actions and oppose Chaos.

    In addition to this, we are also offering a larger support group / discord for every individual player and newbie that is unrelated to guild actions.
    Need your items recovered, do you struggle with PKs, need PvP Training or simply some advice?

    Feel free to join! (make sure to read through the welcome section)

    As for everyone else that wishes to join Stormhold - I am looking forward to hearing from you!
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    I would like to join! Will message you on discord :)
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