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    Attention Sosaria! The Sosarian Order of Knights is openly recruiting men and women to join our ranks! There are 4 officer positions available to be filled immediately! We will be accepting up to 10 applications, but only 4 will successfully pass the tests. Those that fail will become regular knights. They can then re-apply to become an officer at a later date. Anyone interested please get in contact with me posthaste.

    You will start your journey as an commander cadet, upon successfully completing the officer training course and a knight quest, you will be a knighted officer!

    We’re looking for someone with drive and motivation, a leader has to be firm, fair and friendly.
    You will be expected to:
    - Get to know your troops. As people.
    - Don‘t think you‘re better than them just becuase you‘re an officer
    - Make sure your own kit (gear) is sorted out.
    - Don‘t ask anything of your troops you wouldn‘t do yourself
    - Don‘t be afraid to do work. Obviously it‘s not always appropriate.
    - Let your troops know, by your actions, that you will do whatever you can for them.
    - Think tactically. Put everything in the perspective of what it would be like if there was a war.

    New and veteran UO players accepted! Get in contact with me for more details. There is plenty of room for advancement as an officer in the Sosarian Order of Knights.
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