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    The Valor virtue was reactivated with patch 35. The purpose of this virtue is entirely geared towards assisting players progress or start champion spawns which are located throughout the felucca dungeons & the T2A wilderness.

    The virtue of Valor allows characters to start a Champion Spawn. When the third level, or Knight of Valor is reached, the character can invoke the virtue and target a Champion Spawn altar, thus activating it. Altars may only be targeted once per spawn: to activate it if inactive, or to advance the current level of an active spawn by an amount relative to the user's current points in Valor, you will not be able to utilize both functions on the same spawn. How far a player can advance an active champion spawn depends on their points in the virtue. Altar advancing is often used to finish the harder levels more quickly, especially at the Forest Lord, Abyss, & Unholy Terror spawns.

    Valor is earned by killing creatures which are linked to a champion region. In most circumstances a player will be able to achieve the highest rank in Valor by participating in a champion spawn from start to finish. Valor is subject to decay over time as are all virtues.

    To use the Valor virtue simply double-click its icon shown on the virtues gump. To view a more detailed page of your current progression in Valor, choose the "status" option & then select Valor.



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