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    Village of Paws stated theme:
    Village of Paws Theme: Village of Paws "The Southern Settlement" is a potpourri of freedom seeking folks. VoP is established under the premise that we are settlers from the original Paws. We disagree with the current management of the Kingdom's affairs and Lord British's wanton ignorance of the evils that transpire both within and without the borders of his cities. Yet we do not outright revolt; so by cessation from the sovereignty of Britain we peaceably bear witness of our disapproval.

    The original story of the Southern Settlement of Paws is indeed a tale of sorrow that was the result of greed. Catalin of Paws and his brother Radu initially came to this area with the sole intent of becoming rich by means of excavating relics from the Paws of yore that now lie dormant under the Fens of Death marshes. However, in a chance encounter, Catalin's brother changed the course of both their fates. Radu discovered a terrible plan of a lich to lead an army into Trinsic and enslave the souls of countless men and women. Radu found the lich was searching the Fens for the secret passage that was used by Minax ages ago to invade Trinsic. Radu sacrificed his life to impede the plan. With the help of many throughout the land, Catalin found the lich and defeated it, but his brother's spirit was too far gone. After learning of his brother's sacrifice, Catalin forsook his covetous aspirations to sell relics and made an oath to oppose any forces that sought to enslave the free spirit of men! He now raises the banner of Paws to all who seek to join him.

    Paws does not actively recruit, rather we raise a banner to those who seek liberty. Please note, interaction with Paws does not necessitate citizenship within our ranks, but we invite any who are interested to join us by the following means:

    - If you wish to inquire about citizenship within the borders of the Southern Settlement of Paws and you cannot find any members in game, then send a message to Jupiter on the forums.

    - If you have established a role playing guild and wish to be aligned with Paws in some fashion please send word to Jupiter with your information and you will be thoroughly investigated

    Recognized Guilds and current standings with Paws
    • A^T and the land of OoO
      Located north of Minoc in the Hight Steppes. OoO have always been favored of Paws for their enormous support of Jupiter's antics.

      C^V the Vigilant Company
      Located through the Trinsic area. Company of the Vigilant are considered friends of Paws

      Stormhold the City of Magnificence
      A few days ride north of Vesper lies the city of Stormhold. Stormhold has supported Paws on numerous quests and adventures.

      OUT - Outriders of the North
      Led by Captain Ciet Fife, the Outriders hold the lines against any evil that approaches from the northern seas and the frozen caverns. Their fortress is located just a bit south of Ice Dungeon

      Grimoire - City of Necromancy and Battle
      Grimoire is a place to be on your guard at all times. Grimoire is host to all manner of travelers, both villainous and noble. If you visit this area be willing to engage in battle.

      OSS - Order of the Silver Serpents
      Order of the Silver Serpents are elite warriors positioned to keep the island of Serpent's Hold secure. Some thing the fight against Silver Serpents a menial task, but if not for the OSS the population of serpents would without fail plague the rest of Sosaria

      UPS - United Postment of Sosaria
      The guild that delivers! Literally! UPS will deliver mail to you if you have a registered mailbox set up at your house.

    Paws uses the feature of WARRING for two purposes, both to ALLY ourselves with friendly RP guilds and as a means to WAR opposing RP guilds. Please note that Paws only enters into war with guilds where we have established a connection with the leadership.

    The guilds listed below are FRIENDLY ALLIES
    ALLIES should NEVER be intentionally aggressed or provoked. You may spar with them if you clearly express you wish to spar. You should not cause undue strife with allies. Doing so will make you end up an outcast and ostracized by all of the trees in the Spiritwood.

    Citizens of Stormhold - *S* - ALLY
    True Knights of Britania - TKB - ALLY
    House of Oor*Tael - H*O - Ally

    The guilds listed below are CONSENSUAL WARS
    Consensual battle means that we have an understanding to fight with one another. There are no specific rules, however, we do have these guidlines:

    • In every circumstance Paws villagers should be prepared to be dry-looted by either the opposing guild member or unrelated 3rd party vultures. There should never be any complaints about dry-looting from Paws Villagers unless it is happening in a 'rez'-killing fashion by an opposing enemy even after you have clearly expressed surrender. It is strongly recommended that Paws villagers never dry-loot an opponent, however, it is ok to take a trophy (preferably a head or a unique item they might be carrying; try to stay away from weapons, but if they have a gem or a trinket of some sort, go for it).

    • During PLAYER RUN or PLAYER HOSTED events you should ALWAYS dial down aggressions towards warred guilds. Unless the Player Run event is specifically designed for clashing, Paws villagers should only enter into fights after both parties have clearly consented to battle (in RP form of course) and REMOVED themselves a healthy distance from the main Player Run event. We should NOT obstruct or interfere with events that other players have invested time and effort to plan and host.

    • Engaging a warred guild member should always include interaction such as healthy name calling or burning down their house before fighting, especially if you are in a large group of villagers. If a Paws villager is outnumbered this rule will be given significant leniency.

    Outside of these general looting guidelines, player hosted events, and vague rules of engagement, it's complete impromptu! The aim of every encounter is not necessarily slaying your enemy but creating an impromptu and story-worthy experience.

    Belok's Urk Minions - BUM - WARRED
    Bloodrock Urks - URK - WARRED
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    ^ BUMP

    Updated Paws section regarding use of WAR status.

    Information posted here so it can be referred to, instead of being tediously explained in game.
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    URK even goes a bit further in our relations with VoP and A^T.

    We will never loot you,unless it is for bandages or potions to continue fighting.

    If we meet somewhere and you dont want to fight.....we like to RP as much as or more than fight.....toss us a grog or some shiniez and start talking.

    When we are at the player run stuff,if we are doing our thing and you join in,if some douche attacks one of you,we will immediately turn on them until we have them all dead,then we will return to where we left off with you.

    We value our RP wars very highly,we have had nothing but fun with you guys and we want to keep it that way.

    Clomp uu laydur umies!!!
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