A message from the Free Folk

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    A eagle drops a message off at Stormhold it read

    Dear Leaders of Stormhold we are the Free Folk of Britannia have decided to come out of hiding. We think that it is time to extend our hands in friendship to those that we deem to be worthy and in the best interest of our people. We defend out lands but do not show initial aggression. We would like to help you in your endevers as I heard from my one of my many fingers I have spread around Britannia. With that we would also like for you help in some of our endevers. If interested in a partnership of our great people with you wonderous town please send a courier back. With warm regards and much hope that we will come to a long and prosperous agreement.
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    We in Stormhold are always happy to meet fellow free peoples. Please feel welcome in our town should you make it so far north.

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