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    Hello PS Members,

    I had the unfortunate task of dismissing a member of the guild today. Someone who has not been with us long, but that still doesnt mean it wont have an impact.

    This person knowingly and blatantly violated the PS Mission and Code they had agreed to. The PS leadership cannot tolerate that. As you know, the only reason PS has the reputation it does, why we dont get grieved on our lands constantly,why most of the shard sends new players our way and the administration here thinks so highly of us, is that the Mission and Code that has been set forth supersedes any personal vendetta you might have to others in the game, and is the framework of a healthy community like PS.

    Violation of that Code tarnishes everything we stand for. And those who engage in violation have consequences.

    Not every violation ends in dismissal. In fact this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I have chosen to take that action. The magnitude of the violation was taken into account, and this was the best and, frankly, only option.

    However, even though it is a sucky thing to have to do this, I want to be sure to point out and commend those of you who were involved in the dialog during the event that was the catalyst for this dismissal:

    - Leopold, Dead_Ops, John_Doe, Keza, CrazyDaze - All of you openly tried to sway this former member from taking action. I and the rest of the PS Leadership thank you for that; Players like you are foundational for the guild.

    - duke19, thank you for not taking action in the game during your frustration. Please let me or the other Council know if anything comes up again with the agitator, and continue to uphold the Mission and Code.

    ~Krake Vestahl, GM of Project Sanctuary
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