Add profile option to hide character from online list. [Suggestion] [improvement]

Discussion in 'Era Discussion' started by Baler, Oct 27, 2018.

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    By being afk and not even playing the game you have been griefing this poor noob. Show some class Z and log in and camp his house
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    If you're going to drag Anarchy into this then bring some proof, otherwise you're just making noise to make noise.

    What's your in game toon name?
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    I personally go to great lengths to try to avoid PKs when I farm. As @scuba said, the dungeon botting (which was used by both sides for a very, very brief time, as in less than 2 weeks and was mostly just for LOLs but not to actually hunt anyone down) is no longer happening because everyone decided it was best for the shard not to do it. Sometimes it may seem like the PKs are botting or somehow tracking people, but if you get a chance to watch either @Evil Dead or @Balgami 's streams (both highly recommended as they are very entertaining), you will see that they are able to quickly cycle through the hotspots very efficiently in a very short amount of time. So while they are out making their rounds we are guaranteed to get a visit probably in less than 20 minutes if farming high-end MOBs.

    The website info is a double-edged sword and can be used to the advantage of potential victims of the PKs. Lots of us play at predictable times (especially the PK groups) and so people like myself can check the website to get a good idea of whether any "familiar faces" are online which can influence where I farm and which type of toon I use. We can also see whether someone has murder counts and how many short/long they have.

    I must admit that I don't really see why it is absolutely necessary to have all this information available on the website, so unless someone comes up with a good reason to have it I would be in favor of more optional privacy, including being able to hide your online status, hide all of your character's skills (currently you can choose between showing all of them with specific numbers, or 3 of them including which are GM) or hiding your followers.
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