Annexation, Assassination and a Gang of Roosters in Stormhold!

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    *a notice hastily posted around Stormhold*

    It would seem the foul characters and brigands of the 'Robin Roost' gang have had the temerity and gaul to declare an annexation of Stormhold!

    They have threatened raids until a weekly ransom is paid and ambushes have targeted Stormholdians even on the steps of their own homes! They also managed to fit a small workshop 'outpost' in the front of our provisoner's.

    These actions did not sit well with the citizenry of Stormhold. A hasty meeting was had and the decision made to go to war.

    We never bowed to 'Lord' British and we'd be damned if we let some Rooster gang extort us!

    -Spencer Tracy
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    Its kind of low class to 'invade' a player run town with housing placements to be merely disruptive. Claiming RPing doesn't excuse all bad behavior.

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