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    Weaken, Clumsy, Feeble, Magic Arrow, Fireball(, healing)

    So, These are worthless right?
    I should just put them in a trash barrel?
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  2. Leopold

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    All you mentioned are typically trashed except possibly healing. If you are cheap you can use a heal wand while taming a dragon from rock formations to avoid wasting regs. Probably a no-no for pvp (greater heal wand for that) but could use them to save regs in pvm.

    IMO a heal wand is better than nothing at all if you don’t carry greater heal wands.
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  3. Erza Scarlet

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    Fireball wands are cool and actually useful if used correctly (similar to lightning)

    Miniheal + Magic Arrow wands are trash
    Its too low of value and MA damage delay makes them useless.

    DEBUFF WANDS (especially weaken)
    Now, listen guys, thats some next level shit...
    Ur out of GHeal wands, youre sick and tired to get dropped after a stun, and you dont want to waste 1-2k per charge?
    Get weaken wands, wait for theyr stun, equip the wand and knock them off theyr casts!

    A good offence is always better than a defence, it lets you learn mechanics, it lets you get a feel for timings, its Cheap AF, and it will give you mad respect, what ur waiting for?!

    Apart from that you save mana you would normally use to weaken them.
    I would defenitly say they are viable. Generally id keep weaken and trash the rest.

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