Ascension and Redemption

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    As the cockeyed scribe was being forcefully drawn towards the depths of this Harrowers abyssal, an unforeseen rest become of it.
    Suddenly the Master that was hellbent on ending what was left of this squiffed scriveners existence abruptly ceased, mercifully set him down.
    Noticeably something wasn't right as the Master was gleaming towards what was left of this lunar cycles twilight and into the dawn of morn.

    The leader of the Undead was harkening aft, flashes of another time, another universe and place in which it had positive existence, a meaning.

    As the enthralled leader of the damned gazed out the Unborn scrivener sat silent yet close to its Master pondering the wonders of its clandestine in chord.
    Slowly the Blightbringer turned to what was going to be the condemned, chanted unbeknown archaisms as a obscure yet galvanic sense enshrouded him.

    The Ascension

    Aris'se Unborn as thee merci'iful has's been bes'stowed upon you! Inn thiss variegate'ed utopia foreseen a destiny has's been chos'en!
    A destiny of thee Light in whiich fouls me'e, Yet't it is's thee desstiny chosen! Leave'e thiss placce of obscurity and abiide in it'ss fidelities!
    Adorned in what must have been a gift from someone powerful yet pure stood a Prodigious Paladin, A bringer of Light!
    Quizzically being, this reanimated Warrior of Incandescence gleams upon his armor, shield, sword and most of all a grandiose Steed
    in which adorned armored plate so radiant a sensation of authoritarianism aroused within.
    The Paladin turned towards the shrouded figure about to speak. in vast yet profound utterance the Master of the whilom thundered...

    Question mee not! Des'stiny is but for'r thee entrus'sted!

    Now lea'ave this's plac'ce! Tis but diverse to you now'w moortal of Prophesy!

    Well it seems as if the Guardian of death may need to acquire a new scribe? Any takers for this unsparing berth?

    Until the next time..

    Good souls!
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    Someone must summon the Grey Wizard, for he would know how to deal with such a growing threat!

    *Shines the @Jupiter signal in the air towards Paws*
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