Battle for the Compassion Shrine (from an orc viewpoint)

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    The boy was terrified, and rightly so.

    He had been outside with his brother when the undead appeared what seemed out of nowhere. The boys had heard of such creatures but never seen them before. He would never admit it now but in truth he hadn't believed they really existed until he saw them. The boys instantly went into a state of shock. The creatures of the night had noticed them, and would have made a meal of them if not for the arrival of the men from Britain. They swept in with righteous force and made quick work of their enemy. He had gone from sheer terror to feeling safer than he ever had before in mere moments.

    He missed that feeling now. He looked up at the orc that had captured him. It was covered in blood, a good portion of it appeared to be from some of the many wounds it had. But not all of it was. Nothing could bleed that much and still be walking. The boy wondered who else's blood was there.

    "Skribble de blah humie", the old orc yelled. "And blah owd lowd wad uu skribble". Then the orc smacked him hard enough that he felt a trickle of blood start behind his left ear.

    The boy understood the orc. Living so close to the desert his family educated them as best as they could. Mostly he understood to carry extra food and if he ran into orcs to present it while yelling "Tribute". It didn't work today. Then again, he hadn't been carrying any food on him either.

    He was alive and had been taken to the orc's fortress. He was confused to find that the orc wanted him to write a book for him...he hoped that was what it wanted...he felt if he did the wrong thing it would be the last thing he ever did.

    "Blah dat de agunt ob Belok gabe Vish ise dreem. Vish grukked wen de humies wud kum...wij wey de wud kum"

    --- The agent of Belok gave Vish a dream. Vish knew when the humans would come and which way they would come from.

    The old orc looked at him and smiled. The boy began to visibly relax. Perhaps offended by that the old orc pulled a dagger and held it aggressively against the boy's throat while screaming at him. The outburst ended as quickly as it had begun. The orc just set the dagger down and patted the human on the head and began to speak again.

    "Uz hab hosh ideer fer trab, agh de gukka's brayk de humi brij."

    -- We had a great plan for a trap and the...clan's crafters destroyed the bridge.

    "Hohohoho...bud befur uz du...krazy humi appeer. Heem leestun tu de treez ur subtin agh blah 'EY BRUDDUR'. Uz clomp heem....draw dat!"

    -- Before that a crazy man appeared. He was...listening to the trees? The orcs killed him quickly. *the boy then sketches his rendition of the event*


    "So den uz sed de trab... humies kaym. Su meni humies. Sownd lyk sturm. De erf shayk. Urkz nub skared. UU TINK UZ SKARED? Urkz lub id. Urz skreem NOOOGGRRAAHHH agh attak." Draw dat!

    -- We set the trap. The humans many of them. The earth shook, there was a roar like thunder. The orcs were not afraid. They are very brave. They cried out and attacked.





    "OooooO. Dat gug. UU gug pulga!"

    -- Oh...that's

    The old orc ended that thought with another smack upside the boy's head.


    " humies fite clomp zat zat humies...bud dem keeb kumun agh breek fru de trab. Urkz den hab tu ged redi cuz de humies am kumun tu da furt."

    -- The humans fought well, *the boy fliches from a raised hand*, the humans fought as best as they could and hundreds were killed. Despite such overwhelming losses they were able to break the orc lines and proceed on their quest.

    "Yub dat aggurit. Draw de Klerg'goth blahun...geddun urkz redi."


    "Uki den der wuz lutz of clompun. Humies, urkz, deddies, demunz. Awl guin flat. Wuz bubhosh. De graytezt. Uz clomp en furt, en desurt, en furt agin, neer sum humi hut rownd ere...clomp clomp clomp. Wuz a gug muun... EY! UU RITUN DIS DUWN?!!?!"

    -- There were many great battles. Humans, orcs, undead, and demons...all manner of creatures were slain. It was awesome. There was fighting at the fort, in the desert, at the fort again, and then in the surrounding areas. What a great night.

    "GUG. Jat draw agin."









    "UU... dat berry gug. Vish wunt dis sturee tu lib fureber!"

    The human boy looked up at the orc and smiled. It was over. He had done his job well and hoped soon to be set free.

    The old orc picked up his dagger and slit the boys throat.

    Another good day for the old orc named Vishakt.
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    very nice!!Clompn ee umies!!!!!
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    I got clompped pretty good at the bridge ambush... and you guys did great using the choke point in the second orc fort to minimize our numbers advantage. Great job!
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