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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Labeler, Sep 7, 2016.

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    Jul 18, 2016
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    i hope this is the place to place this post.

    - the small keep has a door inside out: from the inside its locked and from the outside its openable without keys (even if locked)
    this needs to be investigated. i believe its wrong. but the game is yours and so are the rules.

    - i own a house but my 2nd character on the very same account doesnt have the same rights as the owner char.
    i realise this is to allow each char have another house and so coown all others, but releasing & securing & locking are basic functionalities.
    what im trying to say is that i am forced to log on the "owner" char, in order to secure or release a box.
    would be alot easier if "co owner" gained release, lock & secure rights.... so you can still have 5 houses on 1 account, but alot more practical.
    i believe it doesn't change much of housing rules today... i could be wrong.

    - the map NPC. they are bugged after some investigation: when i carry crafted maps, and i try sell them to the npc, he doesnt wants them i can spam vendor sell and he wont take em. but if i say vendor and then vendor sell, he then takes em. its weird why 1 would need to say buy and then sell

    share your thoughts. thanks.
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    Jun 18, 2015
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    Regarding the NPC vendor.

    Someone had recently sold the maximum amount of a particular item that the vendor is programmed to buy.
    When you said vendor buy, it sometimes resets the vendor's "gold pool" to purchase items from.

    Regarding your housing issue... meh?

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    I'm pretty sure that's a bug, in my experience if one of my characters owns a house all of the other characters on that account can do anything they want except add more co-owners, redeed the house, or possibly change the locks.
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    As far as I know the small stone keep functions as intended, I have not been able to find any door which opens conversely to what is expected.

    All characters on the same account are given co owner status, you should be able to release/lock down items. However securing/unsecuring items is an owner only privilege, the same way that placing/removing addons can only be done by the owner.

    The map vendor did not purchase any more of your maps because his wallet ran out, if you buy additional items from the vendor his wallet will increase.
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