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    In C^V, we don't have a strict "ranking" structure, like other guilds might. We see all members as equals, with no members "outranking" others. The only separation we have in rank comes from certain permissions and responsibilities veteran members might acquire through dedication and trustworthiness. We mostly separate our members by their skills and character template.


    As the name suggests, the Recruit is one who has recently been brought into the guild, Candidates who have just been guilded will enter with this title.

    One must simply abide by the guild rules in order to stay in the guild as a Recruit. Candidates will be approved to become Recruits by a vote taken by the Council.

    After some time has been spent in the guild, a Recruit that has proved to be active and well established will become a full member of the guild. At this point, the member will be able to choose a title based upon his class that he will bear from here on out.

    All members will be friended to the Great Hall of the Vigilant. If you are a member and have not been friended, please contact the Lord or a Counsel.

    In addition to some time and activity spent within the guild, the candidate must be able to stay in contact and be involved with the rest of the guild. As such, it is required to have and use our irc channel: #C^V and to have signed our guild roster (located here in the guild forum) before one can become a full member of the guild.

    With much of the focus of C^V being to protect new players and other innocents, there will always be a need for those capable of defending themselves and others. The Paladin are members who have proven themselves to be capable pvpers. These are those who will be counted upon to defend our members and allies should the need arise.

    While the Paladin will play an important role within the guild, it should be noted that the only benefit over being normal members, is that they may be invited into a Council meeting, with voice but no vote. The title exists mainly to distinguish those who are and are not willing and prepared to fight.

    In order to become a Paladin, a member must prove themselves to be an experienced pvper. The candidate must defeat an existing Paladin in a trial by combat in order to ascend to the rank. This ensures that only our most capable will be given this title.

    The title of Counsel is given to those who have proven themselves to be active, loyal, and involved members of the guild. Counsels are viewed as leaders of the guild and will have many of the same resources and privileges of the Lord so that they may better help the guild. Members of the Counsel are expected to help run the guild with recruitment and maintaining activity.

    Unlike other ranks, the title Counsel does not have specific criteria. Instead, the title will only be given to a select few who have proven to be involved and exceptional members of the guild. They will be viewed as a peer of the Lord, and as such, shall conduct themselves according to their rank.

    A self explanatory title, the guild lord, leads and maintains the guild, the position is likely to remain the same, however, should the need arise for another to take over, the position would be given to a Member of the Counsel.

    Career Titles
    All members of the guild will choose a career path for their guilded characters. Once this path is chosen, the Lord will bestow upon them a guild title to match. Please note that this is not a complete list. These are the basic titles for the most common types of templates. If your character's skill choices are unique enough, you may discuss alternative titles with the Lord or a Counsel.

    Heralds have chosen the path of a musician, commonly called Bards. This title includes members who are skilled in Provocation, Discordance, Peacemaking, or any combination of those skills.

    This title will be bestowed upon a character who is skilled in the arts of the mages, whether this be for peaceful or combative purposes. Magi are skilled in the arts of Magery and Meditation, and may be able to evaluate another's intelligence, as well.

    The battle-hardened warrior is any character that does not rely on magic for combat, commonly called Dexxers. Those skilled in the arts of fencing, archery, mace fighting, or swordsmanship are included in this category. These characters may still have some magery, as it is commonly used for transportation. This title simply means that this individual prefers physical combat to offensive spell-casting.

    Beast Master:
    Those wearing this title specialize in the domestication of wild and dangerous animals. This will include individuals skilled in Taming and Animal Lore, as well as the veterinary healing arts, as well.

    Some strive to locate relics of ancient societies and excavate the remains. These individuals will commonly be seen leading treasure hunts, as they posess the ability to decode treasure maps and open very old chests.

    Behind the scenes of any good guild are the people who keeps the guild's members equipped. This task falls upon the Suppliers. Any characters made for gathering or crafting will recieve this title.

    Other Titles

    While not a rank, another title that may be seen is that of Deserter. Should a member become inactive without notice for an extended period of time, they will be temporarily given this title as a final warning before being removed from the stone. Should anyone receive this title, be sure to contact the Lord or a Counsel, in order to return to your status as a member of the guild.

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