Dreams of an old orc

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    *Xuthakug begins to breath heavily*

    The human reinforcements were closing ground fast. Faster than anticipated. "Uruks! LYNE UB! LYNE UB JAT! Ummies nub pazz!" Xuthakug belowed. Bodies were strewn across the battlefield surrounding the orc fort, which burns at the group's backs. Most of the Hai were cut down, only a few remained to defend against the next wave.

    Suddenly, a gate appears ahead of them. Ne'rull arrives, with a familiar look on his face. Determination.

    *Xuthakug tosses violently*

    Silently they moved through Shame, slowly following Xuth's nose. The orc stealth archers were thirsty for blood, even the Snagas could smell horse-flesh. The humans were talking among themselves, unaware of the approaching death, "Look at all this loot Blaise! We're striking it rich with the dungeon to ourselves!" They started sorting the gold and gems, distributing them equally between them. A glare from a sapphire catches Krothu's eye as he screams "Shinnies! Gib ee shinnies jat ummie!

    It had began.

    *Xuthakug rolls over, awake. Getting to his feet, he sets out in search of the Bloodrock Clan*

    His back aches from being asleep so long; his age doesn't help, it's been many years since the old orc was a young bloodthirsty Snaga. But he may have just enough strength to kill a few more times before he is called home to the loving embrace of Belok.

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    NOOOOOGGGRRRAAAHHHH!!!! Welkum bak bruddur.
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    Ee glahd tu cee uu wayk bak ub. Da hai git beegur, Noooooooooooograh!

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