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    Hail and well met fellow adventurers!

    I have been wanting to venture forth into Sosaria and complete this challenge for quite some time now. I waited many moons, too many, and let this challenge fall by the wayside.... until now!

    I present to you, the completed Dexxer Silver Challenge!

    First, I traveled with my trusty steed to the Moonglow cemetery, where I had heard of an evil soul lurking about the graves that I thought may be the first evil doer on my list. I knew that I would have to destroy enough evil to call the lost soul, and so slew skeleton and zombie alike. And yet, after only a few minutes, the dark soul himself crawled up from the grave before my very eyes. I could taste the death all around me as he marshaled all of his terrible prowess. I screwed my courage to the sticking post and with my mighty silver ax, I sent him back from whence he came.


    After my success I was ready for the next hunt. I went in search of the fell creature Gamayun and arrived at Covetous to call her out. She was no where in sight, and so I slew her minions to taunt her. Finally, after seemingly hundreds of harpy corpses, she appeared to seek her revenge! I was ready though, and sprang into action. Her minions swarmed around me but my bardic abilities proved too powerful for them, and I was able to provoke them onto each other, leaving me to face her one on one. My ax proved too much for her in the end, and I made sure to take her feathers to send a message to the rest of her kind.


    Just as I was feeling pretty good about myself, my fellow guild mates of Corp Por Ration (CPR) put out the call that there was a vermin horde in the depths of Despise that had to be extinguished for the good of the people of Sosaria. I answered the call, and after a very long fight with the Vermin Horde leader, Barracoon, we emerged triumphant, but completely spent and exhausted. The next two ne'er do wells would have to wait until morning.

    And so, the next morning I woke up fresh and ready to slay the Grand Visor, the leader of a clan of butchers and brigands in the depths of Wrong. I traveled there and slaughtered many of them, but not before they killed me as well. Luckily I was able to crawl back to the physical world, refit, and exact my revenge. And then, there he was! Otto, the leader of the butchers, ready for an ax duel! His ax was sharp, but mine sharper, his aim was true, but mine was deadlier. I lured him to the "killing hall" and used poison to ensure my success. There was no holding back with this murderer.


    Now it was time to kill the final monster to complete my quest. His size and strength were legendary and, unlike the now deceased Otto, was immune to poison. As I traveled to far distant lands to confront him, I tried to think of a strategy that could ensure my success. I arrived at the dreaded "Cyclops Valley" energetic and enthusiastic. I would need both for what lay ahead. I searched and searched the valley, calling out taunts and killing dozens of his lesser kind, yet the fell creature would not emerge. Had word of my exploits traveled so quickly to these strange, far-away lands that he was too afraid to face me? Just as I thought this might be true, he appeared! larger and more ferocious than I had previously imagined! All thoughts of strategy flew from my mind as I waded in with a war cry and swung my mighty ax. I smiled to myself as I connected with a solid blow. Yet the creature shrugged it off like some fly had bit him. I knew then that this would be a marathon fight. I cleared the sand of all of his allies and marshaled all of my resources and strength. The battle was bloody, long and exhausting, but I emerged victorious!

    Bruised, fatigued beyond belief, but successful, I traveled the long distance back to my home at Serpents Hold.

    That first drink of mead never tasted so good...


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