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    Vandyke here with a proposition for factions to help kick start some interest.

    My Faction toons are Vandyke and Daemonne, and although I haven't been as active as I would like to be in factions lately, I am hoping that will soon change with the coming completion of Daemonnes skills.

    I have recently brought an idea to my guild/faction leader and am now presenting it to you.

    In September there was a thread posted for nightly faction wars. The idea has merit, but at this time with such a new server and not many true characters in the factions, it may be a bit soon.

    I propose a Faction Fight Night. Currently I am thinking Thursday weekly.
    In order to bring the factions together for the encounter, each week, a new town will be the key point of conflict. Example, go down the list in the Faction Status page.

    (GM's, of course, would have to agree to help in order for this design to be possible, if not, then forget the specialties of the event and well just focus on the time and town through Player Run Posted Events)

    This will just be the jumping off point for the night.
    Using Moonglow as an example:

    24 hours prior to FFN, current weeks town sigil (MG's sigil) will be unstealable. In the case where a faction is currently purifying a sigil, they retain control of the town even if the 3 days are up during the weekly unstealable period. This ensures the town sigil is there for FFN, and that the current owners don't get robbed of any control time. A little extra controlling time is ok.

    Sigil will become stealable at a predetermined time for FFN. (8pm Central for example) This will give factions a time to shoot for to be prepared.
    During the Time period of FFN (2 - 4 hrs?) Rank points per kill and silver gains will be doubled while Stat Loss time will be 5-10 minutes. With so few people running Factions, this will let the players get back into the game much sooner.
    (Something will have to be done to prevent the 50/50 newb faction farming toons people seem to have stuffed into TB, from being able to give points or silver)

    The event will work for the shard two-fold.
    1: give Faction players a time and place to be guaranteed a battle/good time
    2: promote factions on the shard to get more people interested.

    If anybody has any serious ideas to add to this, then please feel free to post.

    If you just like the idea, please post a quick agreement so the post count goes up, and the thread gets noticed :)

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