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    With this guide I tried to shed some light on the Fame / Karma system.
    I am probably not the only one who wonders about its functions.

    A lot of the information below was found on various sites and most of it was not written by me I just felt the topic was missing from the guide section, at least I didn’t find any information on the subject when I searched for it.
    is one of two variables in the Reputation Title System, the other being Fame. You can lose or gain karma depending on your actions. Thievery and the making and applying of poison adversely affect a character’s karma. Dispatching evil creatures, completing quests and killing murderers benefit a character’s karma.
    Karma can be calculated by the following approximate formula:
    Slaying an Evil Creature
    Karma gain.jpg
    Example: Ice Fiend's Karma = -18,000
    Your Karma = 5,000
    Karma Gained = -(-180) - 50 = 130.
    New Karma = 5,000 + 130 = 5,130

    Slaying a Good Creature

    Karma lost.jpg
    Example: Crane's Karma = 150
    Your Karma = 10,497
    Karma Lost = (-150 - 10,497) / 100 = -106 (rounded down)
    New Karma = 10,497 - 106 = 10,391

    Karma Locking
    "Karma is locked. A mantra spoken at a shrine will unlock it again."
    At least this is how it should work, until Telamon fix this issue we use an in game command to toggle karma on and off. Type [ToggleKarma] ingame and press enter.
    The Shrines of the Virtues will forgive your transgressions. All you need to do is pay your respects with the special mantras of the shrines. Since each shrine is dedicated to a different virtue, a different mantra works for each one. When succesful you will get the message "You once again control your destiny".
    Shrines mantras.jpg
    Keep in mind that locked Karma only means you cannot gain Karma; by doing bad deeds, you will still be able to lose Karma. Your Karma will be locked every time you switch from a positive Karma level to a negative Karma level. As long as your Karma is locked, you cannot receive Karma from other players that try to use the phrase "I honor thee" on you.
    However, maybe you're not the kind soul you want people to think you are. Maybe you would rather be feared than respected. Maybe you want NPCs to duck for cover, and others to keep their distance for fear of the consequences. Maybe you want to be evil.
    All you have to do then is find the Chaos Shrine (you know where that is, right?) and chant the mantra "bal". Your karma will lock and you can kill monsters without fear of people thinking your intentions are good. Also, if you have positive Karma but do not want it to rise any higher from good deeds, meditate at the chaos shrine to lock your Karma.
    Fame is unaffected by locking / unlocking of Karma
    Color & Morality
    All characters, NPCs, animals, and monsters have a moral standing that is indicated by their Allnames color, the color of their Object Handle, and their Highlight color. The morality color of NPCs, animals, and monsters is determined by the respective karma and alignment possessed. Blue creatures have positive karma and a good alignment; killing a blue will reduce a character’s karma. Attacking gray creatures may or may not have an effect on karma. Red creatures and player characters may be attacked without karma loss. In fact, one way to gain karma is to kill red characters.
    If a character's karma points exceed those of a monster, he or she will not receive an increase in karma. Non-aggressive animals give either no karma or negative karma when killed. New characters will generally receive more karma than fame for a kill. However, veterans receive more fame than karma per kill.
    Negative Karma.jpg
    Creatures that give negative Karma
    · Cat
    · Dog
    · Dolphin
    · Horse
    · Packhorse
    · Packllama
    · Noble NPC
    · Seeker of Adventure NPC
    · Wandering Healer
    · NPC Fighters like the Jhelom Figher Pit
    Killing blue NPCs in a guard zone will get you guard whacked, so accept the escort quest and escort them outside the guard zone. It is safe to kill them there.

    is one of two variables in the Reputation Title System, the other being Karma.
    Fame also is required to pursue the Virtue of Sacrifice.
    When fame is mentioned in reference to monsters, it is a commodity. Just as with gold, the tougher the monster, the higher the monsters levels of fame, and the greater the amount of fame earned by the character who kills it. All creatures, both animals and monsters, have a predetermined amount of fame.
    When fame is mentioned in reference to player characters, it refers to an aspect of the Reputation Title System. Fame runs an open-ended range from 0 to 10,000 and above. As the fame scale is exponential, it becomes increasingly more difficult to gain a higher level. Fame is not earned on a one-for-one basis; killing a single Balron will not grant the character 24,000 points (see table below). Only a small portion of a creature's fame transferred to the warrior that vanquished it.
    Fame can also be gained by doing BOD’s, Bulk Order Deeds. This is how characters that are primarily crafters acquire titles. Fame can be calculated by the following approximate formulas:
    After Slaying a Creature
    Fame gain.jpg
    After Resurrection
    Fame lost.jpg

    Your karma and fame combination determine what your title is. Here is a table of them all.
    Title table.jpg

    ophidian avenger.png

    On the webpage, www.renaissance.com, you can search out your chars and see their current fame/karma status to see more exactly your current amount of each.

    char info.jpg
    This makes it a lot easier if you aim for a specific title.

    Fame / Karma monster table in alphabetical order.
    These figures may differ some on our server since they are copied from www.uoguide.com/Monsters but should give you a fairly accurate idea what you need to kill to raise your Fame / Karma

    Monster name Fame Karma

    *I almost never did a champion in all my UO life since 1998 so if I missed a champion in the list or have one too much, please don’t flame
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    Anyone know how much Fame you gain from doing BODs?
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