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    Renaissance: Frequently Asked Questions

    Server Rules:

    • What are the rules of the Server?
      The server rules & code of conduct can be found here:
      Code of Conduct
    • Is EasyUO or AssistUO program allowed? What about special clients like the Krrios client, or the newer Sallos client, can we use those?
      No, these clients are strictly forbidden. Use of these programs can result in the immediate termination of your account(s).
    • What is the servers stance on selling in-game wares for real currency, paypal, etc?
      Buying or Selling items for any form of currency outside the game world, virtual or tangible is not allowed.
      Should you be caught buying or selling items in this manner the items in question could be subject to deletion.

    Getting Started:
    • How do I Install UO Renaissance so I can play?
      We're glad you've asked that question, getting started is simple. A detailed step-by-step process of getting started on Renaissance can be found here:
      Getting Started on Renaissance

    • Does this server utilize an IRC chat?

      Yes. Renaissance has its own IRC channel, located on the CHAT4ALL network. Detailed information on connecting to the Renaissance IRC chat server can be found here:

      Renaissance Web Based IRC Client
      Renaissance IRC Chat


    • How many accounts are allowed on Renaissance?

      You are allowed 3 accounts per player, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis for multiple players per house-hold.

    • Are we allowed to share accounts with friends?

      You are allowed to share accounts with others, however you may never exceed the maximum of 3 accounts online per player/IP. It is also the responsibility of the player(s) to ensure the security & management of their accounts.

    • I have multiple players connecting to the server from the same IP, how do we get all of our accounts created?

      You will need to contact an administrator, either by forum PM or IRC.


    • What is the skill & stat cap on Renaissance?

      Renaissance is using the standard skill cap of 700.0 & a maximum of 225 stats.

    • What is the skill-gain rate like on Renaissance?

      Skill-gain is set to a moderate level. Some skills are quick while others are slow, we have chosen to preserve the quality & achievements of raising skills & developing characters, without making the process a complete grind every step of the way.

    • Are skill-gain rates affected by your location/region as in being inside houses or in dungeons?

      The rate of skill-gain is unaffected by your location in the game-world & will always remain the same regardless of where you're training skills or macroing at. There are no penalties for skill-gain for being inside a dungeon or house region.

    • What requirements does my character need to meet to join the thieve's guild?

      In order to join the thieve's guild, the character must be at least 7 days old, acquired at least 48 hours of game-time, possess a minimum of 60.0 stealing & must not have any murder counts.

    • How do barding skills work on this server? Are skills like provocation & peacemaking difficulty based?

      The barding skills of Provocation, Peacemaking, & Discordance are difficulty based. You will need to train these skills on creatures of the appropriate difficulty level in order to advance the skills into higher levels. Detailed information relevant to the barding profession are as follows:

    Barding Skills:

    • Discordance

    • Modified the success chance of the discordance skill to have a bonus to success should you meet the following conditions:
    • 100 Discordance
    • 100 Musicianship
    • A target with a barding difficulty of over 100 (calculated after instrument bonus's are applied)
    • Should these conditions be meet, no matter how difficult the monster you will always have at least a 10% chance to succeed.
    • Keep in mind the discordance skill's duration is based on the barding difficulty of the targeted creature. So even if you succeed on a very hard creature, the effects will be short.

    • Provocation

    • Modified the success chance of the provocation skill to have a bonus to success should you meet the following conditions:
    • 100 Provocation
    • 100 Musicianship
    • A target with a barding difficulty of over 100 (calculated after instrument bonus's are applied)
    • Should these conditions be meet, no matter how difficult the monster you will always have at least a 5% chance to succeed.
    • Should you also have 100 Discordance you will receive an additional 5% bonus to success.
    • Should you only succeed due to the bonus chance you will see a slightly different message indicating you "barely" succeeded in your provocation attempt.

    • Peacemaking

    • Modified the success chance of the peacemaking skill to have a bonus to success should you meet the following conditions:
    • 100 Peacemaking
    • 100 Musicianship
    • A target with a barding difficulty of over 100 (calculated after instrument bonus's are applied)
    • Should these conditions be meet, no matter how difficult the monster you will always have at least a 5% chance to succeed.
    • Should you also have 100 Discordance you will receive an additional 5% bonus to success.
    • Should you only succeed due to the bonus chance you will see a slightly different message indicating you "barely" succeeded in your peacemaking attempt.

      A full listing of the patch notes regarding barding skills can be found here:

      Patch Notes for Barding Skills

    • Is AFK macroing allowed? If so, are there any penalties/bonus for training skills in specific areas?

      AFK macroing is allowed. There are currently no penalties or rewards for raising skills in a particular region.

    • Is there a penalty for sparring another client (character) for skill-gain, such as wrestling or weapon skills?

      There is no penalty to skill-gain for sparring another client, it is not required to spar an NPC to maximize skill-gain potential for sparring.

    • Is AFK resource gathering allowed?

      You are not allowed to gather any resources while unattended. This includes mining, lumberjacking, fishing from deep-water, sheering sheep, and selling to vendors. Please review the rules of the server.
      Server Rules


    • How many houses can we own on Renaissance?

      You may own 1 house per character.

    • Does returning a deed to the NPC give me a 100% refund for the deed price?

      Yes, house deed returns are for 100% value.

    • How long until a house becomes IDOC and collapses?

      House & Boat decay is on a 14 day cycle.

    • What housing mechanics are in place, do items decay if left unlocked in a house?

      Items do not decay in houses. Renaissance is using the pre-trammel mechanics that were in place during the T2A expansion. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the housing mechanics in place.

      Housing 101 - Entrance Security - Tips and Tricks
      Housing 102 - Protecting Your Valuables
      Housing 103 - Intro to House Ownership & Commands

    • Whats up with the invisible house walls?

      There are 2 custom dwellings on Renaissance, the large stone keep & the fortress. You must be using the Renaissance client to see these structures, else they will not be visible to your client. The Renaissance client can be downloaded here: Client Download
    • Whats up with the Patios?

      There is a known issue with patio houses allowing outside access to items on the edge of the patio. Stay Safe, lock your stuff down.


    • What era of Ultima Online can I expect on Renaissance?

      As you may have guessed, we aim to reproduce the mechanics in place during the Renaissance era of Ultima Online. We have features present throughout the existence of the Renaissance era, before Age of Shadows was released.

    • Does this server use a custom map, or default?

      We are using the default Old-lands map (Britain, etc). We also have the lost-lands (T2A) available. There is no Malas, Tokuno, or Illshnar.

    • Do items decay on the deck of a boat/ship?

      Yes, items currently decay if left on a ship. This is planned to be corrected in the future & items on a ship will not decay.

    • Are there power-scrolls on Renaissance?

      No. There are no power-scrolls, and there will never be power-scrolls present on Renaissance.

    • Do mounts exist on this server?

      Yes, there are mounts. All standard mounts exist, there are no beetles, swamp dragons, ridgebacks, or any other post-era mount.

    • Have any Razor features been disabled, like the Sell Agent for example?

      There is no forced negotiation with Razor, and no features have been disabled.

    • Is there unique character naming on this server? Can I name myself a name that's already been chosen?

      No, there is not a unique naming system in place. You may choose any legal name, regardless of if another player has chosen that name or not. Offensive or genuinely distasteful names may be purged by the administration at any time, without warning. Please choose your name respectfully, this is a family game.

    • Can murderers enter towns, or guarded regions on Renaissance?

      No, murderers are strictly forbidden from entering towns & any guarded regions, and may be killed on sight if caught within such regions. The only city which will do business with murderers is Buccaneer's Den, which has been renovated to support the regular play-style of those who choose to play murderers. Extra dwellings such as mage shops, and a stables, have been constructed in the town, as well as other dwellings which do not exist by default.

    • What is max follower limit for tamers? How do I bond an animal?

      The maximum follower limit for a single player is 8. Creature bonding has been modified from its original design from OSI. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the pet bonding mechanics in place on Renaissance.

      Pet Bonding in Felucca

    • Why have I been jailed while collecting resources?

      Renaissance utilizes a system known as the Automated Anti-AFK System (AAAS). This system is in place to prevent damage to the economy via harvesting of resources while unattended. It is not legal to harvest any materials which are deemed as resources while not at the keyboard. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with how this system functions.

      Automated Anti-Afk System

    • What type of murder system is in place? Are there short & long term counts? Is there stat-loss for reds?

      The short & long term murder counts are in effect on Renaissance. Murderers who resurrect with 5 or greater short-term murder counts will receive stat-loss. The amount of skills & stats lost upon resurrection is scaled to the amount of short-term murders the player has. The maximum amount of stat-loss that can occur is 15%. Murderer stat-loss is permanent.

    • How long does it take for murder counts to decay? Do they decay while i'm logged off?

      Short-term murder counts decay in 8 hours. Long-term murder counts decay in 40 hours. Murder counts only decay while the character is logged into the game-world.

    • How long do pets last in the stables?

      Stable decay is 7 days.

    • Why don't shipwright NPC's sell boats? How do I get a boat?

      Boats are player constructed items on Renaissance. In order to obtain a boat, you will either need to build one yourself, or purchase one from another player. Boat construction is a custom feature on Renaissance, and also requires the Renaissance client in order to be able to construct boats. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the mechanics in place.

      Boat Construction

    • What is the "debuff icon" feature I've heard about?

      The debuff icon tray will give you detailed information about any curses or blessing spells & enchantments that are currently in effect on your player. More information about this system can be found here.

      Spell Icon Tray

    • Are runebooks blessed by default?

      No, runebooks are not blessed. They will drop to your corpse if you happen to die with one on your person. However, runebooks may be blessed via the platinum system for a price of 250 platinum. In order to bless a runebook using platinum you must page a member of the staff team & have them bless it for you.

    Bulk Order System:

    • What is the minimum skill level required to get a Bulk Order?

      Minimum required skill is 70.0. The minimum required skill to receive a large bulk order is 85.0

    • How often can I get a Bulk Order from an NPC? How do I get an Order to begin with?

      You may get a new Bulk Order once every 6 hours. This timer is by account, not per character. In order to get an order from an NPC, you must sell him any wares he is interested to buy. Each item sold yields a chance the NPC will request you to fill a Bulk Order. You may also say "Order Status" to the vendor if you do not wish to sell them items.

    • Is the chance to get a colored BoD better with higher skill in that trade?

      Yes, the chances to get a colored material Bulk Order are relative to your skill in that crafting trade. Higher skill yields higher potential for colored materials requested.

    • How many Bulk Orders can be stored in a single Bulk-Order Book?

      A maximum total of 500 Bulk Orders may be stored in a Bulk-Order Book.

    • Does turning in a completed Bulk Order reset my timer, so that I may immediately get another?

      Yes. You may immediately request another Bulk Order after turning in a completed one.

    • Are all reward items from Bulk Orders blessed?

      No, not all items rewarded from the Bulk Order system are blessed. Some items come blessed by default, however majority do not. It is recommended to take caution where you choose to turn in completed Bulk Orders, as most items are eligible to be the victim of theft.

    • Can you get neon sandals from the Bulk Order system? I remember this was possible on OSI Renaissance.

      All neon colors from the Bulk Order system have been reviewed, and all extreme colors have been removed or replaced. A complete listing the of hues available can be found here.

      Bulk Order System Rewards Listing


    • What is the Factions system?

      The Factions system is an organized & global system of consensual PvP. Additional detailed information regarding the factions system, and specific factions mechanics in place on Renaissance can be found here.

      Renaissance Factions Guide

    • How long does it take to quit & resign from a faction?

      Quitting a faction takes a complete 7 days.

    • How long does it take to corrupt a faction town sigil? How long does a faction keep & control a town for after corruption?

      The corruption process takes a total of 7 hours to complete. A newly corrupted faction town is held under safe control for 72 hours, after which time the town sigil will return to its previous state of being eligible for capture & corruption.

    • Is faction crafting enabled here? Can equipment be crafted as faction items by a faction currently controlling a town & using a faction mule?

      Yes, faction item crafting is in place.

    • Is there temporary stat-loss for faction deaths? How long is faction stat-loss?

      Yes, faction stat-loss is in effect. However, stat-loss for factions only lasts for 10 minutes. This has been reduced from the standard 20 minutes.

    PvP Mechanics:

    • Do all of the Renaissance era special abilities work here, such as stun-punch, disarm-punch, and the special weapon hits?

      Yes, all of this content is active on Renaissance. Two-handed weapons can inflict a special hit, and the wrestling stun & disarm punch abilities work as well.

    • Does Inscription give a bonus to defensive protective spells? Does it give a boost to spell damage?

      Yes, Inscription gives a bonus to the effectiveness of protective spells, such as Reactive Armor, Protection, & Magic Reflection. It does not, however, give an increased bonus to spell damage. Inscription is purely a defensive bonus skill.

    • Does Alchemy influence damage from explosion potions?

      No, it does not.

    • Does lumberjacking give a substantial boost to damage from axes?

      Yes, the lumberjacking skill will yield a substantial damage increase to any two-handed axe weapon. This does not included war-axes.

    • In Renaissance having Anatomy + Evaluating Intelligence gave you "defensive wrestling". Does this work here?

      Yes, defensive wrestling is active on Renaissance.

    • On OSI, all spells except harm had a standard 1 second damage delay, is that in affect here?

      Yes, all direct-damage spells except harm have a 1 second delay before the damage is applied.

    • Is harm damage based on range from the caster to the target?

      Yes, damage from the harm spell is calculated by the distance to your target when casted. The closer you are to your opponent, the more damage they will receive.

    • Is there insta-hit on Renaissance? Can I swing my weapon instantly after equipping it to my hands?

      No, there is no insta-hit on Renaissance. You must wait the standard delay of the weapon you are holding before you are eligible to swing it.

    • Can you heal another player while they are poisoned, or is it necessary to cure the poison first?

      You may not heal yourself or another player while they are poisoned. You must always cure poison before healing, whether it be by bandage or magical means.

    • What mechanics are in place for explosion potions? Can these be used strategically for pvp? Can a skilled pvper throw purple potions effectively enough to hit a mobile player in the field? Is there a randomized timer in place?

      The classic Renaissance mechanics for explosion potions are in effect. When thrown properly explosion potions are able to be utilized against even a moving target. A skilled pvper will be able to execute "homing" explosion potions. Because of this, we have chosen to remove the bonus to explosion potion damage from Alchemy. There is no randomization to the explosion potion timer, the default timer & ticks are in place.

    • Are runic smith hammers available? How does one acquire such an item?

      Yes, runic smithy hammers are available via rewards from the Blacksmith Bulk-Order System. However, these items are extremely difficult to get.

    • Is there mount stamina/fatigue?

      Currently there is no mount stamina or fatigue. Fatigue is based on the players current stamina. At this time you will only be fatigued if you are overweight, or out of stamina. This will likely be addressed in the future, and a method of mount fatigue will be implemented.
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