Friday Fight Night at Grimoire! (04/18/14)

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    Friday Fight Night at Grimoire

    Friday Fight Night is a weekly PvP tournament hosted by players at the player-run city of Grimoire Ruins. Registration begins every Friday at 8:30pm CST (6:30pm PST, 9:30pm EST, 01:30am GMT). Gates will be provided from West Britain Bank and Bucs Den during registration (gods willing). Registration lasts one half-hour, ending at 9pm CST sharp!


    This week's fights are sponsored by Team Trammel!

    This week's tournament will be (standard 1v1):
    • 1v1
    • Elimination style TBD
    • No pots (EXCEPT REFRESH)
    • No wands
    • No hiding/invis
    • No magic weapons/armor
    • Poisoned weapons are not allowed
    • No looting
    • No field spells
    • No followers (tames, summons, mounts, etc)
    • No precasting before match begins
    • No buffs before match begins (includes stat pots, bless, Magic Reflect and company, fish buffs, etc)
    • All matches are subject to "sudden death" after ten minutes in duration.
    • Stealing is allowed between active combatants during official matches. Stolen items must be returned at the end of each match.
    • All combatants are subject to snooping by Grimoire staff
    • As always, I reserve the right to make shit up as I go along.

    The prizes for this week are:
    • 1st Place: 30k & First place trophy
    • 2nd Place: 20k

    Non-sanctioned and non-consensual fighting anywhere in the city of Grimoire will get you banned from the tower and from future events.
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    Thank You Liberation for another fun Fight Night.

    Change to 1080p and full screen will clear up after a few seconds.​
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    Thanks for the video as always Barnicle! I missed it.

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