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    Thank you for stopping by and checking out our guild page!
    The naturalist guild is all about having fun, and creating great memories that we all-too-often pass up here at UO:R. Typically we put our chars in a 1-2 week macro incubator and immediately farm late game and conquer end-game goals. It has always been my belief that this takes out a good 70% of the fun that made UO so captivating and mesmerizing! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some balron smashing and champ farming! I've recently realized i'm only accessing that 30% left of the game when I get online and de-stress from life's clutches. We have already had a ton of fun and laughter, and there can only be more in the future!

    Rules (subject to change over time)
    ******Bandage hotkeys are fine since UO's built-in hotkey for it is broken!******
    *NO str/dex/int raising by teeter-tottering skills (using a "camping trick" or upping snooping then lowering again to speed up dex gain). It really goes against what we do!
    *NO Macros and razor access! Most of us refrain from anything we didn't have in '97 vanilla UO,
    *Do not do anything in character that would be considered racist/sexist/insulting to people associated with you.
    *Do not rez-kill people either, that just shows you're a jerkface! Yes i agree if you can kill a 7x pk with your naturalist you should rightly celebrate, but we have taverns for this!
    *NO selling or buying equipment/goods via irc.
    *If you are in a desperate situation (you're dead on dagger isle and peekay takes runes, you are stranded with no guildies online to get to you for example) you can get external assistance
    *If you seek anonymity feel free to make an alt-account in irc or forums as long as that's not against any uor rules. I don't want drama just fun and laughs!
    *Public uor character, so we can make sure you aren't using freesist sessions or macros for str/dex/int and skills please!
    *Have fun! if you aren't just take a breather and come back refreshed :)

    Lots of players semi-rp their characters when we are together on outings, or while in town. This is an optional part but feel free to do so!

    Feel free to join us in IRC @ #Naturalist with any questions!

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    Hows your guys activity as of late? Looking to create a naturalist toon while my other guys macro.

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