Happy 6th Anniversary Renaissance | Global Event Starting August 31st

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    Make sure to join #6th in IRC to take part in the event at the scheduled times.

    To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of UO Renaissance going live we have a few special things planned for our players.

    Players with accounts over 14 days old will notice a special bag placed in their bank upon login. These will be awarded from 8/31/2018 to 9/7/2018 and are given 1 per account. These items will be placed directly in your bank, for players who might have logged out in hazardous locations, so make sure to check there.

    To celebrate the anniversary we have created an exclusive line of clothing, jewelry and decorative items. Each item is named to celebrate the occasion.

    Each bag has a chance to contain the following
    Event Bag Details

    During our anniversary weekend we will be running a 4 part scavenger hunt event.

    Scavenger Hunt Event - Schedule
    • Friday August 31st @ 11pm Cst (12am est, 9pm pst)
    • Saturday September 1st @ 1pm cst (2pm est, 11am pst)
    • Sunday September 2nd @ 3pm cst (4pm est, 1pm pst)
    • Monday September 3rd @ 5pm cst (6pm est, 3pm pst)

    Scavenger Hunt Event - Prize Room Opens
    • Monday September 3rd @ 9pm cst (10pm est, 7pm pst)

    Scavenger Hunt Event - How to Participate
    • Be prepared to travel the world, following clues in order to find Chris ingame (see my avatar)
    • You should have the ability to recall, a horse and access to a rune library.
    • Reliable access to our chatroom (irc) where clues will be given.
    • A detailed knowledge of the UO world and a bit of UO lore is a huge help.
    • Simply follow the clues and speak to Chris ingame to place in each round.
    • Players earn 3 points for 1st, 2 points for second and 1 point for 3rd in each round.
    • Ties are determined by checking Chris's journal/video review.
    • Each event will have 12 rounds.
    • Players will need to be prepared to travel to towns, the overworld and dungeons
    • Each character may only score in two events. Allowing for our international and working players to have an equal chance.
    • Each round takes roughly 90-120 minutes.

    Scavenger Hunt - Registration 8/25/17 - 9/1/17
    • Registration is no longer required for this event. However if you will not be available for the prize room selection at the times indicated it is critical that you provide the staff with your top 10 items so we can pick for you.

    Scavenger Hunt - Scoring and Prizes
    • Each players points will be pooled to determine a clear ranking ladder.
    • Ties will be determined by 1st place finishes. (1 first place > 3 third place finishes)
    • Players, in order of placement will gain access to the prize room shown below.
    • Players can choose 1 item from the prize room.
    • All players who score at least one point will earn a trophy honoring their achievement\rank.
    • Players will also earn platinum based on their total event score.
    • Each player may only score in two events. Allowing for our international or working players to have an equal chance.
    • Once you have taken part in your two rounds we would appreciate it if you avoid spamming my name, even if you still wish to take part in the game. This will make it easier on the staff running the event.

    The Prize Room - Notable Items
    • 6th Anniversary Mask Dye (hue 1268,1282, assigns a custom name to your mask) 8 of each Color
    • 6th Anniversary Sandals (hue 1268,1282) 12 of each color
    • 6th Anniversary Pegasus Trophies (hue 1268,1282)
    • 6th Anniversary Wooden Box, Wooden Chests, Metal Chests, Metal Golden Chests (hue 1268,1282)
    • 6th Anniversary Cloth (hue 1268,1282, 100 yards of each Color)
    • 6th Anniversary Spellbooks (hue 1268,1282, newbied) 4 of each color
    • 6th Anniversary Runebooks (hue 1268,1282, not blessed) 4 of each color
    • 6th Anniversary Lanterns (hue 1268,1282, blessed) 4 of each color
    • 6th Anniversary Hair/Beard Dye (hue 1268,1282, Comes as a set) 4 of each color
    • Various Unique Items (Flasks, Stacked Items, Tarot Cards, etc)
      Note: This event will be the one and only time these hues will be available on Renaissance.

    The Prize Room - Player Donated Items
    Thanks to some extreme generosity from our player (Treasureman) we have tons of bonus prizes this year!
    • Monster Statues
    • Various Platinum Rewards
    • Full Set of Phoenix Armor
    • 1st Year Anniversary Clothing / Jewelry
    • Previous Years Event Sandals
    • Pre patch crafted sandals (leather dye colors)
    • Platinum Store Monster Statues
    • Boss Monster Statues
    • Event Monster Statues
    • Christmas Event Item - Rare Open Books
    • This years donations thanks to Treasureman, Upgrayedd!
    • More donations will be added as we move closer to the event.
      Note: If the time comes for you to retire from playing remember that you can donate your items to future anniversary events!

    Over 100 Items in Total!
    Unique Item Note: The prize room this year includes unique items that have gone out of circulation per our unique item standards and website interface. These items are included in the prize room because we can now add new copies into circulation. Once an item has been stored in an inactive players bank or possession for over 90 days it is considered out of circulation and is viable for re-introduction in the yearly anniversary event.

    Note: The locations being chosen for the event are known only to myself. No other staff or volunteers have been involved in the selection process or clue design.


    Some NPC's modelling this years hues on sandals, masks and clothing!


    Thanks to everyone who has helped Renaissance make it to its 6 year anniversary!
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  2. Chris

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    Starting on the 31st of August players who log into the server will receive a gift bag deposited in their bank account. These bags can have the following items in them.

    (100%) 1 Piece of Random 6th Anniversary Clothing (See below for list of potential items)
    (100%) 1 Piece of Random 6th Anniversary Jewelry (newbied)
    (100%) Fireworks Wand
    (10%) 6th Anniversary Glass Mug
    (5%) 6th Anniversary Lantern
    (???) Hair Restyle Deed
    (???) Beard Restyle Deed
    (???) Clothing Bless Deed
    (???) 6th Anniversary Thigh Boots
    (???) 6th Anniversary Boots
    (???) 6th Anniversary Runebook
    (???) 6th Anniversary Spellbook
    (???) 6th Anniversary Mask Dye
    (???) 6th Anniversary Sandals​

    The rewards have been expanded to include some new items due to our new bag approval system explained below.

    Note: The picture is from last years event, I will update it for this year soon. But the message is the same

    Should your account not quality for a gift bag you will see the message shown in the above picture. A reason for why you were not provided with a gift bag will be added to your account for easy staff review. Should you believe this is in error or if you would like to request a special consideration be made for your account you can page ingame or contact a staff member on IRC. Any gamemaster level staff member can review your account and make a determination.

    If you are going to be away from your computer from the 31st to the 7th and unable to log in you can also contact us with your account names and we can provide you with a give bag once you return.
    Note: This is ONLY valid before the event, we will not be giving out gift bags if you miss the event completely. You are allowed to forget your anniversary with your wife, not the UOR anniversary. Do not give your account information to someone else to obtain the gift bag for you.

    So to be clear. Logging into your friends accounts, trying to use methods to access extra accounts using non linked IP addresses and other tricks used in the past will not work. Over the last few patches we have slowly expanded the tools that allow us to find and identify accounts that are invalid or exceed our normal account rules. If your reward bag is denied be prepared for the staff to review any accounts linked to you, the account history, and any other relevant information to determine if this account deserves a reward.

    That said we do understand we have situations where families, roomates, and lan parties play together. If you are denied a bag due to this reason we will be happy to help. Attempting to use your friends accounts to get 3 more gift bags this year however will not only result in a denial. It can also result in your friends accounts being closed to avoid violating the account limitations. If you want your friends gift bags, call them and make them login.

    Note: As we move into the 2nd year of this system do not risk your accounts or your friends accounts trying to get gift bags. If you have shared your account information with anyone in the past (shame on you) You should immediately change your passwords before this event just to avoid the temptation of a friend using your account to try to get an extra reward.

    Clothing Item List - 5% chance for each item
    Plain Dress
    Jester Suit
    Fancy Shirt
    Half Apron
    Full Apron
    Long Pants
    Short Pants
    Jester Suit
    Body Sash
    Feathered Hat
    Floppy Hat
    Skull Cap
    Wizards Hat​
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    Currently scheduled to be on a 7 day off stretch for this event. I might actually get to truly participate for a change, lol. I'm sure work will mess it up, but we'll see.

    Looks good, @Chris.

    ~ Cheers
  4. OptimisticSam

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    Great hues! Not totally dissimilar from first anny. Well done @Chris .
  5. Gideon Jura

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    Very nice.
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    hyped about this. loving the blue colour
  7. Chris

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    Just a reminder these hues are on test center for anyone to try out, and compare to past years hues.
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  8. Sara

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    Okay never get anything good in my bag but this year with those colors would love some good stuff. Hopefully can do some of the scavenger hunt and get some chests again :).
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  9. Chris

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    At medium amount of effort at the scavenger hunt will usually result in something nice from the prize room.
  10. jumpman

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    The best event of the year... nice work @Chris.
  11. Air

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  12. Lightshade

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    1st Anni-ish hues for the rest of us. :p
  13. Pill

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    Damn, really on your game for this year. We usually don’t see these posts until quite a bit later if I remember.
  14. Deacon

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    Congratulations on 6 years Chris!

    The shard is still as amazing and fun as it was in the first days, and it's all thanks to your hard work an effort.

    Here's hoping for another 6 years!
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