Happy(day late) 4th Of July, UORManiacs!

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    UOR-Maniacs, the Hulkster is a day late on this dudes, I was hangin' and bangin' Jennifer on Venice Beach, tanning these 24 1/2 inch pythons jack! The Hulkster would like to say a few words about Independence Day... the day America decided to drop a leg on King George III and slam him just like I slammed Andre dudes, or the time I had a cage match with King Kong Bundy, brothers. Just like Telemaniac declared his independence from the shard of jabronis dudes, and he trained hard, said his prayers and took his vitamins, and created the new world order of Ultima Online shards, jack! And since then, the shard of jabronis has become the WCW circa 2001 of free shards dudes. I'm talkin' Judy Bagwell on a forklift bad, brothers. When you open your bags and chug your patriot ales and shoot your fireworks wands or drop them on the ground in Ocllo, remember the patriots who earned our independence brother, and the declaration of independence from Jabroni Age that TeleManiac made, so that one day we could play a shard free from house killing, era accuracy, and hally mages running all wild on you dudes. So after all the celebrating yesterday Maniacs, remember to train hard, say your prayers, take your vitamins, pay your taxes, buy some of my leftover Pastamania cans off ebay for lunch, help old ladies cross the street dudes, and be the best Hulkamaniac you can be, brother!

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