Hireling Hijinx! A PS quest (with pics!)

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    Hello UOR.

    After not having run a custom quest in a few months, PS finally got one together. Here are a few pics from it, and a bit - o - story. Enjoy!


    The brave adventures met up at the PS Tower, can all colored up in our new GUILD COLORS.

    After which, Krake had opened a package containing a book. In the book, that was wrapped in sodden tree bark, was a message to the whole of PS.

    The message spoke of a contest of power and battle prowess. The sender, one Ydrasil Gishjagt, wanted to meet them at The Albatross......


    A few of the members recalled where that was......from their younger days......and so off we went, to Occlo!

    Upon getting there, Gishjagt informed us all that we were to hire local adventurers and take them out to see some battle.
    We were tasked with keeping them alive as long as possible, and the one who lasted the longest would be declared winner........which came with prizes, so dont you worry about that.

    Everyone seemed up to the task, and so after getting their hired hands, they were lastly told to keep a special lantern burning at all times.

    They proceeded to the dungeon of Shame to get a taste of adventure.

    h2.jpg h3.jpg

    NOT but 6 feet into Shame, some dastardly fellows showed up and lay waste to the fledgling group. Some died, some escaped, one fought back....but in the end the group had to meet back up in Occlo and start the hiring process again. The rates to hire were much higher than before......


    They gathered and set out again! Determined to face whatever lay ahead.


    DESPISE! That was the next stop for noble warriors. There was also an archer bard with them, by the name of Beman, who was cool as a cucumber the whole time.
    He even sat on a rock as he strummed his lute and fired and arrow or two.

    h5.jpg h6.jpg

    The entire party was sure that Beman would be the lone survivor, as he hadnt taken a single hit.

    BUT WAIT, the fates had something else in mind! As Isabella was fighting with a massive Titan, the beast teleported over to Beman and killed him in a single blow! HA!

    With Isaballa being the victor, the entire team made their way back to The Albatross and regailed all the patrons with their stories of valor and woe. Ydrasil bestowed upon them trophies of completion and drinks for the entire bar!


    The warrior, in full plate, Isabella survived the encounter and won the contest for her handler, Lyta. Both were given their due rewards and a standing ovation back at PS Tower.

    Isabella..... however.....dissapeared from thin air just as the group was gathering to congratulate her.......Hmmm....

    Alas, the quest was over, and the team gathered on the edge to look out over the sea.


    Until next time! Thanks everyone.

    ~Krake Vestahl
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    What a great time, thanks all for the adventure!
    Looking forward for more.

    Thanks for the post @Lord Krake

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