Housing 103 - Intro to House Ownership & Commands

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    Class: Housing 103
    Class Name: Intro to House Ownership
    Welcome to the Renaissance College of Ultima Online, in this post we will cover the menu's available from the house sign.

    To access information about your house simply double click the house sign.

    The first page of the house information window will give you a summary of the lock down and secure use in your house. Keep in mind that each secure container also requires a lock down. You will also be shown the maximum amount of secures and lock downs available in your house style.


    The Friends section of the house information screen will give you a variety of controls for your house related to security. From this gump you can manage co owners, friends, and bans for your house. There is a finite number of each that can be added to your house.

    Many smart UO players have been looted over the years simply because they forgot to clean up their friends or co owner list every so often


    On the Options section of the house information screen we can transfer the house to another player, demolish the house, change the locks and declare the house public.

    Should you choose to transfer the house, and target another player, both players will have a chance to confirm the transfer in a trade window format.

    Should you demolish your house, any vendors will perish, and all of the items in the house will fall to the ground.

    Should you declare the building public each visit to the house will be counted. You will also be able to choose a custom house sign. Keep in mind you can still ban and eject players from your house.


    Housing Commands
    • "I wish to lock this down"
      This command will allow you to lock down a container or item that is in a valid location in your house.
    • "I wish to secure this"
      This command allows you to secure a container and set an access level on it from owner to everyone. Cancelling the security window will assign it a default level of security.
    • "I wish to release this"
      This will release a locked down item or a secure container if you are the house owner.
    • "I wish to place a strongbox"
      This command will allow a co owner to place a single gold box at their location, capable of storing 25 items, totaling 400 stones. This container by default is only accessible to the house owner and the co owner that placed it.
    • "I ban thee"
      This will eject the selected player or monster from your house make them unable to enter your house.
    • "Remove thyself"
      This will eject the selected player or monster from your house, however they can still enter the house in the future.

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