How to Setup a Resist Training Party House!

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    I'm not sure when I will host another Freesist as I've grown a bit weary of it after running so many this year. Thus, here is a guide for the rest of the shard to use and perhaps pay it forward.

    Well, first I'll list out the basics of it, for those who don't understand just yet.
    Get a group of people who need Magic Resist Training and huddle them into a "Target area" inside a house. A Keep or larger is ideal.
    Get at least two Casters and place them on the next floor up, out of the Target Area and place a rune, or anything you can target with the spell, directly above the first floor Target Area, on the second floor.
    Meteor Swarm only does 1dmg in houses presently, so with only 2-3 Casters, health will regenerate naturally without the need for manually healing.

    Setup a locked down container on the second floor, in reach of the "Casters Tile". Be sure to have all your casters stand on the same tile so they never hit each other with the spell and can all reach the container for restocks and see the target for casting.

    The best way to manage this is to not allow anyone you don't know it. However, if you want to go big, you will want to go public which calls for heightened security measures.
    Make a 'Target Area' trap in your home on the first floor. I prefer to do a 3x3 walled in area, with a footstool ramp leading into it. Lockdown two footstools, and raise the inner stool 3z with a tool. Raise the outer stool 1z with the tool and you now have a ramp in.

    This way you can leave the doors locked and let ghosts wander on into the pit. Leave gaps on the angles, for your ResBots to run bandages on ghosts by type. If you allow Factioners in, you will need a Faction member to res them.

    Once you've got your targets ressed and ready, you'll want to be casting. Don't be silly and put 500/each in your pack, and setup a Restock Agent for 20 SS/SA/MR/BM.
    The macro I use goes as follows:
    Pause/Wait for HP >=85 (this step ensures if I start taking damage, I won't continue casting. It has been useless since I increased security measures.
    Cast Spell Meteor Swarm
    Wait for Target
    Absolute Target (the Rune I have locked down above the Target Area)
    Pause 1.5s
    Restock Agent - 1
    Absolute Target
    Pause 5s (1s for each reagent and a bonus for the hell of it)
    If Mana <=80
    Use skill Med
    Pause/Wait for Mana >=94

    Obviously adjust yours for the stats of your character, whatever is suitable.

    My res macro is simply:
    Use Bandage by Type
    Target By Type 402
    Target By Type 403 (this way it tries for both types of ghost, but I heard there's a 401...not sure what it is)
    If SysMsg "begin"
    Pause/Wait 10s

    That's pretty much it. You'll want to get 10,000 of each of the four reagents for a healthy start. That should run about a day or so. A good run of a few days will be about 20K+ casts (80k reagents total).

    Here's a picture of my downstairs for the purposes of reference.
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