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    Guildies – we’ll get our shit together. If someone misses a heal and you go down suck it up, experience is the best teacher. Don’t hold it against the guys near you, next time they’ll hopefully have their game together. We don’t need ppl cussing out others in Vent (doesn’t happen often but is sure to again). Tempers will flare so if you get bitched at brush it off. We need practice and coordination via Vent and UOAM, typing in guild chat is too slow. Sitting ducks are easy to pick off. If they can off screen then run up to us and dump 8 out of 10 times someone’s gonna die. We need to have our sync ready and a target called. Your targeting keys in Razor can help a lot – like target closest murderer, next target, attack last target, etc. We need a clear voice that we all agree to follow in Vent in calling out targets. If that chosen someone goes down we need designated backup. Key words like UP are used to let the lead guy know you’re ready to sync on next target and you need to be close to the guy calling as he’ll call when the opponent is within 10 tiles unless we’re going to run up to them. Need to bring our collective fire power to bear on one individual at a time. Also need to figure out what spells we want to cast. Mana conservation is important. Not the biggest fan of 7th circle since it uses so much mana but in certain circumstances….
    TT tactic vs PwN – four to six TT run off screen cast run back and dump.
    Get opponents to chase you then close in on them from multiple directions (where UOAM and Vent helps them a lot). If we had UOAM we would know where to go to rather than hoping to run into help.
    Pretty damn basic. They are not badasses… they are organized and have well-built characters. Your provo bard ain’t gonna cut it against them. One vs one they would have a hard time killing a properly outfitted opponent. Reflect may negate a spell or two but if they sync your dead. Cross heal cross heal cross heal. People will die so don’t have your non blessed runebooks or any other crap you don’t want to lose on you – bank it. Pots are a must you should have a minimum of ten on you of GH GC GR. You may consider adjusting stats to lessen mind blast or at least have blue pots to bump your agility since most of us probably have low dex. Trapped pouches - some have macros to retrap after use but I want that mana for the fight. I usually have 10-20 on me. They will try to melee para or just cast it on you. Run around corners, break LOS.
    They will find us there’s only so many spawns. They don’t need a spy to find us when 5-18 characters move with pets through a town and then our alts are standing at the bank. If they are looking for action they’ll just go scout on a blue, going through their runebooks till they find someone to gank anyways.
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    The numbers you guys have at these spawns should be enough to overwhelm TT.

    You don't need full pvp templates, just well placed explo/eb syncs. You can defend a raid with your bards/tamers.

    If you want to stop TT you guys all need to get in vent. Rally up at the hint of a raid and stop working the spawn until the raiding party has been shut down.

    Just some friendly advice from someone that's been defending/raiding spawns for years..

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    Cynic! I like how you put my guild in your picture.
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    These kinds of posts are better for our private forums.

    Suffice it to say, we are new and pretty much the only recent guild that has actually fought back against TT. It's going to take more than a couple fights. It's going to take a lot of practice to get to the point where we can fight/defend well as a team. As long as you don't pull an Airframer and quit before you've put in the time to "get good", then you're golden.

    Even as much as we currently are sucking with the group tactics, we still manage to drop a few of them. As long as we keep getting better, we will add to the frequency of their deaths, and eventually be able to defend our spawns with some consistency.

    As for the details, let's discuss that on our private forums.
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