Labyrinthine Justice, a PS quest (w/ pics!)

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    'Ello and grettings UOR!

    Here is another installment of a Project Sanctuary quest we ran last night. It was FRAUGHT with danger, intrigue, and role play. Enjoy!


    We met at the PS tower. Some new comers, some old; all were ready to head out into the wilds.

    Krake had heard rumors of the citizen of Wrong being tied up in some nefarious dealings, so that is where the brave troupe would find themselves first........Trying to get answers......

    Lab1.jpg Lab2.jpg

    After questioning and dispatching many of the vile scum that called this place their home, the group found a rather cryptic journal on one of the bodies.

    The entry talked about being corrupted, being called to a place of poison and mist. Something about trying to find refuge in a near by cave....
    They all decided to head back to PS lands and examine the journal in more depth. Something did sit right......


    Finally, after hour of contemplating. They set out in search of this place of corruption, and hopefully to find some semblance of an answer to what these humans in Wrong had gotten themselves into.

    The adventurers ended up at Corrupted Falls, just south of Shame. They came across a sight none too pleasant.


    A body, dismembered and strewn about.

    Not much to go on, save for one small slip of paper that was stuffed into the vest pocket of the poor fool.

    The slip of paper was a contract, in fact. One that detailed a meeting with a certain bounty hunter at the Pirate's Den, and who hired this dead fellow out to kill something called The Beast....

    Not to be the type of group to just sit around waiting, they decided to seek this bounty hunter out and possibly take up the aforementioned bounty for The Beast.....

    So off to the Pirate's Den they went.......Buccaneers Den, that is.

    Upon arriving they had a riviting encounter with The Spider Queen and her army of frost spiders! After a pitched battle, she and her legion we dispatched. Unfortunately there was no time to visually document it, you know, because of the CHAOS.

    They shortly found the bounty hunter.


    The bounty hunter was wiling to transfer the contract to the PS group, on one condition:

    They prove they had what it took to actually hunt down the Beast. Proof, for him, was to witness a duel to the death between two of adventurers!

    Shocked and offended, the entire party contemplated simply leaving, and maybe drawing bounty hunter blood before they left.

    But alas, Shhh was the first to volunteer to fight one of his comrades. Psycho Elf took up the offer, and a the duel commenced!!


    The on lookers watched as brothers in arms drew blood for the seemingly sadistic amusement of the bounty hunter!

    Shhh came out the winner, using a wonderful tactic of peacemaking his opponent as often as possible.

    The bounty hunter was impressed and revealed to them the location of The Beast. The center of the Hedge Maze.

    Off they went in search of their bounty!
    Lab7.jpg Lab8.jpg

    A set of muddy footprints led them all through a secret passage and into a ruined tower.....


    What they met there was unspeakable.


    Lab10.jpg Lab11.jpg Lab12.jpg

    Finally, after hours of battle, a fierce cry was sounded among the ruins. But not the sound of the Beast dying, oh no, his own blood was choking up in his throat as be breathed his last. The cry was of VICTORY from the haggard warriors! The Beast well felled. The bounty claimed. The corruption stopped.....for now.


    Thus concluded one of the more intricate quests that PS has done!

    Thanks a ton for everyone who took time to come out! Thanks to Telamon for his amazing support. And thanks to the UOR community that lets us do these things and supports us.

    PS will be inviting more and more people on these, just gotta know who is interested! :)

    Till next time.

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    This looks like it was a great evening. I'm jealous I missed it! Thanks for posting about it Krake.
  3. Keza

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    That was an awesome quest, thanks for hosting!
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    Awesome quest, it was a blast!
    Thanks for hosting @Lord Krake
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    good fun for all involved

  6. Alice Asteroid

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    What the heck is the Beast? Was that a quest-only spawn? I've never seen it in the maze before! Great adventure, by the way. Wonderful use of the landscape.
  7. Lord Krake

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    Yup! Quest only boss! Thanks, glad you liked reading about it :)
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    Good thing they killed it. It's hideous!
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