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Discussion in 'Renaissance Discussion' started by freakystuff, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Hello UOR

    I have been playing on this server on and off for 3 4 years by now. I play in EST Friday night 10pm to 1am and Saturday 9am to 12). I can play only 1 session with you per week. irc: Freaky

    I played numerous dexxers templates to understand that this game is all about evaluating intelligence, target closest red, attack closest red, ebolt last target, flamestrike last target.

    Thus I have evolved to be a eval meditation resist weapon mage, the only character I play. Find me in Arctic orc lord wearing a barb suit wielding an axe. Character name Jayden.

    Looking to join a pvp group of such time zone. I would like to pvm with you in hotspots to wait for people to show up. I would like to join anything except a murderer mana dump gank group, although my template suggests that I am almost an equivalent.

    If you play an eval weapon mage, eval provoke mage, eval stun mage. We can have fun together.

    I play to have fun. I have kids and cannot wear headphone or mics. I like guild chat. The only place I go solo is Arctic orc lord, surpassing my love of Deceit as a kid.

    Quantitative Easing makes the world boring and I would like to seek some adrenaline rush with you.)

    irc: Freaky
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    Hey Freaky,

    im not as active in groups or in the game currently, but if you need someone to spar and train with, just let me know when you see me on IRC.
    I like Tankmages (your character template) the most btw, since they offer more interesting all-out fights.

    Feel free to hit me up on IRC whenever im available.


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