Meeting Notes: 10/1/2018

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    Tonight's Practice - Offensive Practice (C-C-C-Combo!!! Putting spells together)

    • Started the evening with warm ups by pairing everyone up with a partner to refresh previous classes.

    • C-C-C-Combo spells!
      • Teams practiced back and forth casting combinations of spells to chain the maximum damage before the other could heal up.
        • Popular combinations included:
          • Explosion>Poison>Energy Bolt>Energy Bolt
          • Mindblast>Poison>Mindblast>Mindblast
          • Explosion>Poison>Mindblast>Energy Bolt>Harm
          • Explosion>Energy Bolt>Debuff spell for disrupt>Mindblast>Poison>Harm
        • The exercise was not meant to teach combinations to use over and over again without thought, but rather the timing and ability to think like a chess player of what your future moves will be.
        • Mana management still needs to be adhered to. If the poison doesn't stick and a heal is achieved, it would be best to meditate and try again rather than unsuccessfully continue the attack.
        • Weaken should be used on everyone. Be the Oprah of Weaken

    • Mindblast Mechanics
      • During the practice we discovered some things unknown about Mindblast that Telamon was able to visit and help explain. So since we played with it a bit we will go ahead and train on it instead of a separate class.
        • The big discovery of the night was that Evaluate Intelligence does in fact play a role in the damage of Mindblast. (see further below)
        • The formula for Mindblast is the differential from the highest stat to the lowest stat divided by 2 = damage output (max cap of 40 damage)
          • By "balancing" your stats you can help to negate the damage of Mindblast. Most people run with a 90/45/90 stat build. With these stats the differential between the top and bottom stat is 45. Divided by 2 = 27.5 so damage = 28pts.
          • If resisted the damage is cut by 50% so using the above example you would reduce from 28pts to 14 pts.
          • By casting debuff spells you can widen the gap between the top and bottom stat and increase damage.
          • A good example would be someone who has the standard 90/45/90 stats. Effective HP at 90 Str = 95 HP.
            • Weaken lowers Str by 11 (79) and HP drop to 84
            • Target has 45 dex, casting clumsy lowers by 11 (34)
            • Differential of stats (79/34/90) is now 56
            • Divided by 2 the damage will be 28 pts or 14 if resisted.
            • 28 pts of damage on someone who has 84 hit points is very high. 3 Mindblast spells and they are dead.
          • As you can see balancing your stats is extremely important, not only in PvP but just in general.
          • You can balance your stats really closely and use potions to supplement for Strength and Dexterity
        • Evaluate Intelligence does affect damage on Mindblast. This apparently has been an oversight because 99% of people casting Mindblast have Evaluate Intelligence.
          • (If I get this wrong someone correct me) Evaluate Intelligence gives you a 10% damage bonus per 10 points of Evaluate Intelligence for Mindblast and the formula discussed earlier ONLY applies to people who have 100% Evaluate Intelligence.
          • At 0 Evaluate Intelligence you will only do half of what the formula shows. So if using the formula you calculate damage of 28 pts, you will only produce 14 pts of damage at 0 Eval and 7 pts of damage if resisted.
          • While this would probably have never came up with actual PvP templates, SteelBeams discovered this while practicing combo spells on his tamer.
          • We're right. You're wrong. You can't argue it. Telamon validated it.
          • I will do some experiments on the Test Center and report back with some findings just for informational reasons.
          • You shouldn't be PvPing without Eval anyways. Just sayin'

    • I will be making adjustments to the schedule in preparation for the Halloween events coming on October 20.
      • We will being practicing Group PvP immediately in preparation for the events.
      • We learned of some VERY exciting things included in this years Halloween event that we need to prepare for as a group.
      • I will not post those details here but will explain them in Discord to anyone interested. I don't want to ruin the surprise.
      • Come to the University tomorrow with supplies YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. THERE IS A CHANCE YOU WILL DIE AND NOT RECOVER YOUR BODY!
      • I suggest Cure/Heal/Refresh Pots and AT LEAST 75 -100 of each reg. The rest is up to you but as I said above, don't be upset if you lose it all.
      • Tomorrow's class - Marathon of Death

    Looking forward to this one :eek:

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