Meeting Notes: 10/9/2018

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    Training Class - Group PvP Training

    • Warm up period to get the blood flowing in the fingers
      • No limitations. All spells, weapons, potions, etc.. are in play.
      • Training was broken down in to groups of 4 vs 4
      • The match is over when one team is completely eliminated.
    • Tonight's focus was on Target Calling and Syncing Spells
      • In each team there is a designated target caller, with a backup plan for if that person dies.
      • Each team has the option of designating a healer, or sharing the responsibility.
      • Curing is the responsibility of the individual, not the healer. If a designated healer is used, it is the team's responsibility to watch the healer's health bar.
    • Target Caller
      • The target caller is the Captain of the group, dictating the plan of action and execution.
      • Excess talking should be avoided during combat so the caller is not distracted and others can clearly hear targets called
      • All team members should remain somewhat close to the target caller.
        • This ensures that targets are not out of range for everyone
        • If everyone is on screen with the caller, everyone is in range for the healer
    • Syncing spells
      • The target caller will identify the target to be killed.
        • This can be done by either calling the targets name, describing the target, or a combination of both.
          • Example 1: "Let's get Ervin!"
          • Example 2: "Get the newb in the white tunic and straw hat on the white horse"
          • Example 3: "Target Ervin, white tunic, white horse"
      • Once the target has been acquired and enough time is given for the team to drag a life bar the spell call is given.
        • Example: "Ok Explosions up!"
      • This is the command to cast and hold the spell, do not target yet
      • A countdown of some sorts is given and everyone cast at the same time. If done properly, the target dies instantly.
        • Example 1: "Ervin in 3...2...1...NOW!"
        • Example 2: "Ervin....NOW"
      • It is important to note that the Target Caller must pause .5 - 1 second from when they say NOW until they actually cast. There is always a delay in voice programs from when you say it until others hear it.
      • It is good practice to automatically follow through with a secondary spell such as E-bolt to ensure death.
      • If timing is off, the other team will heal through the attack. Do not continue stringing out spells as you will just waste mana.
      • If the target is not killed and is healed you may want to pick another target for the next dump as they will be expecting the same target to be attacked again.

    That's enough review for this class. We will continue to practice this and add additional content each time. Was a great practice, lots of fun!


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