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    I've noted that we don't have music at Lord British's Castle, however we have the music file at client.

    This is the file that should be played: \Music\lbcastle.mp3

    Since this is setup at server side, I researched a bit and were able write the code for it, could you please take a look @Chris ? If this makes sense for you I can do for other places like taverns, lord blackthorn castle, etc.

    <region priority="50" name="Lord British's Castle">    <rect x="1296" y="1560" width="110" height="134" />    <music name="lbcastle" /> </region>
    My only doubt at the moment is if this could "overwrite" current region configuration and just add this line to regions.xml or need to first leave this region witouth any config before put this in place.
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