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    Continuing on our effort to perfect the Ultima Online experience both in and out of the game we have added an additional layer of detail to our online item database.

    While browsing the item database you can now click on the amount of items that currently exist in the world and see a breakdown of those items with custom names and hues.

    To try out this new feature navigate to this section of the website. This will show you a snapshot of the servers item database (updated every 2 hours)


    Next navigate to the item that you are looking for more information on, make sure to search by the item type, not its common name.


    Click on the total count for the item, and you will be shown this page showing a complete breakdown of that items existence in the world.


    Note: When checking the sandal item, keep in mind this includes sandals on player run vendors, we should be able to filter these in the near future.
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    so much good info on this forum!

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