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Discussion in 'Renaissance Discussion' started by drdactyl, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Aug 1, 2018
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    I just downloaded the client and plan on logging in after work this afternoon but just curious if there are any tips for someone who hasn't thought about UO in almost 20 years? I remember playing in the late 90s (97-99ish?) and really have no context for what's changed in any later official expansions... though, I understand UOR is going to be one expansion past what I remember from when I was a teenager. In any case, I have no real idea where to start so any advice for first timers coming back - hoping my experience is half of what I remember from back then as I've yet to find a comparable gaming experience to UO since. My goal is to get into some sort of regular pvp, but not even sure what would be a viable build in this format. I recall wall of fire and 'corp por' being unbelievably powerful, archery being crazy OP, people hiding and looting a lich guarded treasure room in one of the earlier dungeons, a cool dungeon that was far away with giant balrogs my plate wearing mage could solo with some uber halberd, always running out of nightshade, housing break in exploits... curious to see what the game is like now.
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    Welcome to the Server!

    I can say that I was very much in the same position as you a few months ago - I hadn't played UO since 99 and came here with nothing but a couple of fond memories from a few decades ago!

    Prior to starting my first character I spent a ton of time going through the Guides section of the forums here. The community on this server is freakin awesome and has fully documented most anything you can think of. There are some beginners guides on how to get your first character off the ground, guides on how to macro just about every skill in the game, template advice for PvM and PvP, etc.

    Personally, my first character here after 20 years was the typical peacemaking dexxer. It doesn't cost a thing to build, gets off the ground very quickly, it's really easy to play, and can be a ton of fun! You can find details on the build and playstyle from watching the following video :

    Having a build like this would get you out there farming in no time raising money to level up some mage characters for higher level PvM or PvP.

    Regardless of which way you decide to go, definitely take a gander at the Guides forums here :

    Personally I was able to find what I was looking for by just googling "uo renaissance <what i'm looking for>" It usually linked me to a relevant guide or some other helpful post somewhere.

    Welcome, and good luck!
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    Welcome to UO:R! People are very responsive on IRC and will help you out if you ever need it as well:
    Port: 6667
    Channel: #Renaissance
  4. Dr Satan

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    Welcome to UOR.

    First thing you should do after installation is to run the razor shortcut as compatibility for Windows xp sp3 mode and to allow it administrator rights. After that disable smart cpu usage in razor then you can let the fun begin! (Also you will likely need to do admin and compat mode for uo automap if you use it. Done the same way for its short cut)

    These three things are found in the first post here:
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    Welcome! The game is awesome, and this server rocks. I recently returned after a two year absence, and I'm really enjoying my return. My big recommendation is that you fish (especially if you have a busy real life). It's a great source of income, easy to gm via macroing, then you're able to hit the high seas! If you need a boat once all three of your characters are gm, let me know!
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    Jan 18, 2018
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    Welcome man.

    This server has all of your listed shenanigans and more. Great fun indeed.

    See you out there!
  7. Zyler

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    Aug 25, 2012
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  8. Leopold

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    Jul 29, 2017
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    Welcome! I was sort of in the same boat as you (quit in 2001 and never played UO or any other game until nearly exactly a year ago today). You were apparently lucky enough to quit the OSI servers before they really screwed it up with nearly-impossible skill gains and other stuff. Among all the terrible changes that OSI made, there are some really cool things that have been improved upon here:
    - pet bonding
    - champion spawns
    - stun punch
    - crafting
    - probably many more but I gotta run

    Another thing that I found is that there are many players here who played free shards over the years and have settled on this one either because their previous shards closed or because they (correctly) concluded that this is the best you'll ever find. Along the way they picked up some very odd and unfamiliar play-styles and behaviors. You may find these interesting or annoying.

    I'm actually having a lot more fun now than I did back on OSI, because I do more than just chat with my buddies in Deceit at the bone knight wall, or kill liches with silver katanas all day.

    Since you asked for tips, here is what really helped me - join the young program, make your first character a provocation mage (others may recommend peace dexer or provo dexer) and farm yourself enough starting gold in the Ocllo dungeon to fund magery on a couple characters and to get your first small house. You can also take advantage of free new player housing. Also the guides here are really good, and the community will bend over backwards to help a new player get started ("new player here...can you please tell me how to...."). You are starting at a really great time because 6th anniversary kicks off next month and then we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and then (my favorite) Christmas. Each of these have really cool events and special MOBs with really good loot.
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  9. Bloodlust

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    Aug 12, 2016
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    Welcome back!

    UOR ain't gonna disappoint you.
  10. merlin8666

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    May 6, 2017
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    Woot woot. Fresh blood

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