Newish Build: The Elementalist

Discussion in 'Renaissance Discussion' started by Blendax, Jun 29, 2020.

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    Thanks for the post. It seems like this could be a good treasure map hunting build to clean up spawn too?
  2. FisuUO:R

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    Jan 3, 2019
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    Nice man! Its a fun build indeed. Most of times people may find that its easier to use a normal provo build, but I think this adds another color to it AND opens up some situations where you can solo some monsters that otherwise would be completely impossible.

    Hit me up in discord anytime and we join forces :)
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  3. Pulse

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    It could for 4's, 5's and 6's...maybe. drop eval/med for cart/lockpick.

    Since many maps are in similar regions you could map a few nearby nodes...dig up 2 eles and provoke them on to each other near the map spot before digging it up. Dig up, provo away. With gm mining being on the single tile to dig up the treasure is no longer necessary either. The downside is that elementals are very susceptible to poison so you need to watch out for dread spiders, poison eles, and the ancient and shadow wyrms.

    But, unlike pets, the mobs will not swarm the elementals, they must be provoked which leaves the control in your hands. so you provoke the eles onto the non poisonous spawned creatures (balrons/bloods,lich lords,titans,etc) first, and then the poisons ones on to each other or the other spawn. This could reduce the number of slayer instruments needed but probably not alleviate the need for them.

    So yes, I think it would be viable and having lockpicking would be nice to hit the dungeon chests while waiting for stuff to die for a little extra loot.

    It would be slower though as prep time digging eles and then slower kill speed vs a tamer but would allow for complete soloing those higher maps rather than dual clienting.
  4. Blendax

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    That sounds like a great idea!

    Excellent writeup and screen shots! I've been considering starting a second elementalist with discord. I currently just run around with an alt if I feel like using discord, but the thing I like about this build is that it's very lightweight (Ie .. no need to gate out pets).

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