Not Gaining Skill?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Black Tortoise, Nov 20, 2016.

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    May 31, 2016
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    My skills appear stuck, though I havent been testing this super thoroughly/lengthy. I am trying to swap out healing, anatomy, and wrestling on my mage for musicianship, provocation, and peacemaking, and the other day made rapid skill gains starting this switch. Today, some of the new skills are still under 30%, but dont seem to be gaining any more. Musicianship is under 70%, but made no positive gains after about 2 hours of macroing (thats like over 1000 tries). My magery is over 90%, so I am not expecting a lot of skill increase in 2 hours with that one, but Id feel pretty crappy knowing Ive tried to rase magery for 10 hours and diddnt know my character was bugged somehow.

    Obviously I checked my skull up/down/locked situation, and that doesnt appear to be the problem. I have 100 in herding set to down train, and also like ~50 in several other skills set to downtrain (though I have used 700 points). I verified this both within the client and razor - there is plenty of pool of skillpoints to take from set to available.

    Am I just getting horrible luck, or is there any kind of known situation where you stop gaining skills? TIA, and sorry-in-advance if I am doing something crazy noob and nerfing myself.
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    Did this ever change for you?

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