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    This was a back story to my dwarf toon. I edited the original thread to include part 5 but is didnt come to the top so people could see it. Hope this doesn't count as spam. Original thread here http://uorforum.com/threads/dwarf-fortress.8311/#post-67012

    Mitsh Glasschisl awoke one morning and made his way to the drink and food storage on the lower level, (the wine was cooler down there). Many dwarfs rushed by him towards the stairwell going up. Some were carrying gem encrusted axes and some were carrying adamite maces, all it seems, were carrying some sort of weapon. There was much yelling and whooping, (as only dwarfs can whoop). The many cats were scurrying to get out of the stampede.

    Mitsh was in no hurry for event., probably a weremouse anyhow, and continued down to the source of his greatest pleasure, filling his stomach with any type of food and drinking plumphelment wine. After what seemed like a hour or two Mitsh made his way towards the top most level to see if the weremouse was vanquished, because there would be a celebration if it were true.

    As he made his way up the stairs, he heard no sound, no whooping, no yelling and most of all....no celebration. "This can not be good."

    Here is the end of the first part to the story of why our friendly dwarf, Mitsh Glasschisl found his way in the land of Sosaria.

    Hail and welcome back for part two.

    We see Mitsh Hurriedly walking up the stairs to join in the inevitable party that was surely going on in the top floor. Only silence. Only the wind making its way down the long corridor. The 3 ton solid marble drawbridge must be open, good, as dwarfs can be smelly creatures. On the breeze comes a old familiar smell to a warrior dwarf..blood! Mitsh quickens his pace and starts taking the steps going up two at a time, a rare feat for one with such short legs! As he lets his adrenaline take over his muscles, he uses his wit to visualize scenarios, perhaps goblins, maybe orcs...could it be there was 2 weremice? HA!

    *Blood is thick in the air now*

    No sounds, no commands be shouted, no moans of the injured... bright light fills the long main hall of the top floor. [ The sun was just high enough in the morning sky to shine directly on the marble bride, which was obviously still down.] Mitsh squinches his eyes against the sun, but thinks he sees a tall robed figure dart to the right out of his sight.

    *The garden!* [ Dwarfs grow their plumphelment [a type of mushroom that can be eaten raw, cooked or brewed into drink] gardens inside, where it is muddy and dark.]

    He reaches for his dragon tooth axe and steadies it in both trembling hands. [ from adrenaline and anticipation of battle, not fear] keeping close along the wall, he makes his way to the familiar wooden door to the garden.

    Stay tuned for part three.

    Hail and welcome back for part three.

    Mitsh Glasschisl listens at the door intently for any sound. "This must be a great and terrible foe to vanquish his fellow dwarfs, I must be careful"

    "Uus Mani"....something being dragged....a wooden chest?.....

    The dwarf , waiting on a decision, rush in to attack or listen and perhaps gain intel on the foe, begins a slow look around the great hall. Jirenign, a good friend with a hearty laugh and a taste for fine tobacco lays just a few feet from his, his visible skin charred and still smoking. kolighn, another good friend, [they, being dwarfs were all good friends] was laying with his hand stretched out towards Jirenign. His axe had blood on it. Mitsh gives a nod to kolighn, at least his axe tasted blood before he fell, aye, Kolighn was a fine warrior and dwarf. Several more dwarfs were layed about but he could not tell who was who, for smoke was thick and now was settling along the cool limestone floor.

    Sense of the situation came back to him at once, he was standing at the door to his garden, a robed figure was in the garden, the robed figure was obviously a mage and he was dragging something wooden that was too heavy for him to carry....The Gem of Oram!

    Ahh.....the Gem of Oram. The greatest treasure of the Maolruadhan Alum fortress. Found by Nigiel, a true dwarf by any sense of the word. A miner of highest caliber. It was said that he could smell gems in the deep earth. The gem was perfect when dug out of the lowest tunnel the fortress had. [ Nigiel dug that tunnel and it went straight for the gem, but thats another tale in itself.] As the gem was cleaned Nigiel realized the faucets were perfect, it reflected his torch a thousand times , inside the center tho, something seemed to be moving. Nigiel rushed to the surface, not even stopping by the kitchen. "Open the bridge!" he bellowed to Jwitsch, the guard on duty. The dust fell from Nigiel as the wind and sun hit him. The sun was just over the tree tops and was perfect for his needs. He held the gem up and peered deep into its center. Yes, something was in there.

    It was round...and it was revolving. Nigiel shook off his gloves and wiped the gem clean as he could, he had to see what it was. At closer inspection he could make out........clouds?....."Is that a world in there?"

    Stay tuned for four
    Hail and welcome back to part four

    Ahh! It must be the gem, Mitsh thought to himself.

    Getting his nerves ready, he tightened his grip on his axe, eased the door open and peeked in..."AN LOR XEN"..Nothing in the room but the chest that kept the gem secured. A quick glance at the lock made him relax, it was still secure. Mitsh walked slowly to the chest kepping his eye on his surroundings when all of a sudden the room grew bright with orange light.

    "VAS FLAM!"

    The wizard shouts, the dwarfs beard was suddenly on fire and his left hand was burning due to taking the brunt of the fireball. Mitsh instantly dropped to a lower position and at the same time, instinctively patted his beard out, all the while trying to locate the source of the attack. A dark shadow moved from one corner to the other, the dwarf raised his axe and rushed in. Swing his axe at the mage, he heard a whoosh as the wizard lept aside and dodged the attack. The dwarf, keeping the momentive of his swing went into a pirouette, his blade level and true, spinning on his right foot, felt the blade sink into flesh and bone. "You land a concussion blow"

    The wizard let out a terrible yell of pain and fell back againt the wall. The dwarf had landed a mighty blow. He knew this could be the end. Enough mana for one more spell....."AN EX POR!"

    Mitsh watched the little orbs of dust falling lazily to floor. Smoke curled its way into his nostrils from his still smoldering beard. Sunlight made its way from the open drawbridge down the hall and somehow entered the now open garden door and glistened across his axe blade. The dwarf noticed the dust was gathering on there and wondered..

    Stay tuned for part five

    Part 5

    He was wondering why his body was not obeying his command to move. His mind still worked so he knew he wasn't dead...yet. Somehow this wizard had more will over the dwarfs will than himself. He was also wondering how long this state of being (non-being he chuckled to himself) would last.

    "So, dwarf..you have only a few seconds to breathe. Any last words?"

    The wizard knew in his heart he was defeated. Still he had to remain "In control" to the frozen dwarf. He tried desperately to hide the pain of that mighty blow of the dwarfs axe. He tried to empty his thoughts through the pain while he gave the dwarf time to speak. (to give himself time to meditate.)
    Mitsh could feel his legs start to tingle as life crept back to his aching muscles. He knew the crafty wizard had paralyzed him and also realizing the spell was fading. Yet he remained still as the shadow of the great oak at noon.

    "You have come to my house, destroyed my garden, KILLED MY FRIENDS....and tasted my blade as well." "Tell me wizard, how is your plan going?"

    Try as he might, meditation would not come. Still, he had no mana for the portal spell he needed to escape. He reached inside his robe, grateful for the forethought of befriending the local alchemist and felt the smooth glass bottle.

    Mitsh realizing his great muscles were once again under his control slowly tightened his grip on his axe.

    Both, it seemed, were on the verge of their deciding move.

    Stay tuned for part 6.
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